Week Ending 12/2/17

The start of the last month……………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

11/26/17 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Home, another cup of coffee and bagel then to bed for a nap. Up when Kathy came home and had lunch. Then downstairs to do the blog. Up and out to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and took Kathy to Dairy Queen for dinner. Home and did computer updates. Back upstairs, to bed, some more computer work, Big Bang and to sleep.

11/27/17 – Monday – Up, breakfast and downstairs to clean up the work bench. Got things cleaned up and headed out to the Morton building. Finished putting the rack on top my top case, put it on the motorcycle and cleaned up the workshop there. Back to the house for lunch. Kathy got ready to go pick up the oldest grand daughter and take her for an eye exam. I went back to my room and ordered a part I broke on her Igloo ice chest. Also ordered a replacement lock for my top bag so I can have more than 2 keys for it. Then upstairs for a nap. Up and had dinner with Kathy. Downstairs for chat with the guys on the radio at 6:30. Got the cables cut and secured in my mike switch. Some HAM radio, computer work and bed.

11/28/17 – Tuesday – Went to my room and worked on my microphone project. Kathy got ready and we went outside and put up the Christmas decorations. We finished and had lunch. I got cleaned up and went out for a ride on the motorcycle. Home and changed clothes and took Kathy for Dinner. Then a little shopping and home in time to chat with the guys at 6:30 PM. Then made some desert. To bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

11/29/17 – Wednesday – Up and down to my room to make the 10 AM retirees net. Then fixed the microphone for the Kenwood. Then worked on my microphone project. At 4 PM got cleaned up and over to pick up Gary for dinner. Back home and put the winter stuff in storage out of my closet. To bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

11/30/17 – Thursday – Up and out to pick up Gary. Went to Rural King for some shopping. Dropped off Gary, and home. Took Kathy to the Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Stopped for some hair product on the way home. Down to my room to work on my new microphone switch. Finished it up. Did initial testing and it worked with two of the three radios. Levels are a little too high so I need to adjust that. Made the W4CN net at 8:30. Then up to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/1/17 – Friday – Up and out for Breakfast. Kathy was already out and up to Julie’s to babysit Chloe who was staying home sick today. Did chores. Got a call from the heating company that they wanted to move up the appointment. So I took a shower and hung out waiting for the service man. I did some computer work and orders some resistors. Finished up with the furnace guy and made lunch. Then down to my room to work on my audio project. Kathy came home and we ate dinner. Back to my room for computer work while Kathy napped. She got up, I went to bed, did some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/2/17 – Saturday – Kathy was up and gone to help Julie with Shelby’s birthday party. I had breakfast, got dressed and out to Morton building. Fired up heaters as it was a little cold this morning. Put the new drain in the Igloo cooler that I broke. Then replaced the lock on my top case so I could have more keys. Then tried the connectors for on the power cable on the compressor I am rebuilding. Wrong ones. Into the house and made my self dinner. Then back out and took the mower deck off the tractor. Put the show blade on and brought it over to the house. Put battery conditioners on the golf cart and the tractor. Kathy came home and came down to clean out the ice chest I repaired for her. I got the mower deck inside and on stands to work on it. Cleaned up the place and swept the floor. Turned off the water and drained the lines as it’s suppose to go below freezing the middle of this week. Into the house and took a shower. Had dinner then down to my room for radio and computer work. To bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:


This is the motorcycle with the new top bag and luggage rack.  I think it looks good.  I took all the stuff out of the old bag that was pretty much full and it only took perhaps a third of the space in this one.  The only down side was that it only came with two keys.  One normal type key and another flat key they called a wallet key.  So, I called for more keys and was told they don’t sell additional keys.  My options where to buy some blanks from them at $20 each then have them “Lazer” cut at about $40 to $50 each, or buy a kit with two locks and 4 keys (Two regular and two wallet) and just replace the lock for $28 plus shipping.  It was a no brainer.  I ordered the kit and installed the new lock.  All is well.

I took advantage of the nice weather this week and took a ride Tuesday.  Went up to CVS to pick up some medication and then down the back way to Shelbyville and stopped at Lowes for some electrical connectors.  Put a little under 60 mile on the bike and it was a beautiful ride.  Only thing that would have helped is having someone with me.  Oh well.

I got the mower deck off the tractor and the snow plow on it.  Took it over to the house and parked it next to Kathy’s golf cart.  Put the battery conditioners on both as they probably won’t be run now for awhile.  So, they are set for the winter.

The guy that does the website for the HAM club I belong to did a great job on my article.  If you really care you can see it at ARTS Ham Club Website.  Scroll down to see me being highlighted on the main page.  Then click on the link and it will take you to my article.

I want to thank everyone that took the time to comment on my blog.  It really is much appreciated.  Thanks to all.

OK, I think that’s it for now.  You can read the chronology to see if I missed anything.  Bottom line just finished up a bunch of projects.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Blog at you again next week.


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