Week Ending 2/4/18

Wow, week went very fast…………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

1/28/18 – Sunday – Up and out to pick up Gary for church. Dropped him off and back home. Had coffee and bagel while I read the paper. Downstairs and did the blog and backups. Kathy went to Julie’s. I made lunch then a nap. Up and over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Then home. Kathy and I went to Chinese restaurant for dinner. Home and some chores. To bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

1/29/18 – Monday – Up and chores around the house. Down and made some HF radio contacts. Got ready to go out and Kathy got a call to go pick up Shelby. I went to Taylorsville and had lunch at Moby Dick’s. Then to the auto shop to schedule an oil change for my Chrysler. Boss was not there so didn’t get appointment for Julie’s car. To the grocery store and got a pint of milk for my refrigerator downstairs. Home and put milk away. Then to Morton building and cleaned up. Was going to do some other work but did not have materials. Inside and worked in my room cleaning up and doing some research. Dinner. Adina came over. Then chatted with the guys on the radio. To bed, computer work, some reading, TV and sleep.

1/30/18 – Tuesday – Up and chores around the house. Went to the library and learned about the Dulcimer. Then over to Shelbyville and stopped at Lowes. Lunch at Hardees. Over to CVS and picked up prescriptions. Then to a music store to price a Dulcimer. Home and a light bite for dinner. Kathy ordered a Dulcimer online. I went to my room and chatted with the guys on the radio. To bed, some computer work, research, Big Bang and sleep.

1/31/18 – Wednesday – Up and chores. Out for a hair cut. Stopped at computer store and got gas then home. Lunch and downstairs. Worked a couple HF stations. Worked on computer and audio project. Out and picked up Gary for dinner at church. Dropped him home and back home myself. Dessert and back to my room to work on some projects. Up to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

2/1/18 – Thursday – Up and took my car to the local shop for oil change. Too cold and damp for me to do it. Then into Louisville to have Kathy’s car serviced at the dealership. We were early so we stopped at Dairy Queen and had a snack and wasted time. Then to dealership. Waited for care to be done. Then headed back to Taylorsville. Had late lunch at Hometown Pizza. Picked my car up and went home. Laid down for a nap. Kathy started up to get kids off bus but Julie called and said it wasn’t necessary. Had a light bite for dinner. Did chores around the house. Then to my room to play radio. Chatted with the guys on the radio, then waited for the weekly club net and chatted with them for awhile. Then to bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

2/2/18 – Friday – Kathy planning to shop today so I went to my room and worked. Came up around 1PM and made myself lunch. Back to my room. Kathy came home so I helped her unload and put away groceries. Had a light dinner, back to my room awhile. Then to bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

2/3/18 – Saturday – Up early and Mike, my son-in-law, came over and we worked in the Morton building on his project most of the day. Took time out and came in for lunch. Finished up about 3PM. Came in and took a nap. Up and cleaned up. Had dinner then downstairs but no one was on the radio. To bed, TV and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Last year at rolling thunder I felt a little out of place as everyone had a leather vest with various patches.  Somehow I see it as a contradiction riding a BMW motorcycle with a leather vest.  But I decided to get one which I did at thunder alley last year.  I gathered the patches I wanted but was missing two.  Everyone usually gets a patch with the years they were in the military and put that below their branch patch.  The other I was missing was my given road name.  Since I took care of poor Brianna last year when she burned her ankle I was dubbed “Doc”.  I search for a long time and found a lady local here that did embroidery.  So I told her what I wanted and she did them for me.  They are perfect.  So she has my vest and all the patches now.  I will post a picture when it’s done. Anyway, if you need any kind of custom embroidery done, just let me know and I’ll pass your information along to Adina.  She will do anything you need.

I used to enjoy the challenge of reloading a computer from scratch.  I had a Pentium 4 that has had problems so I wanted to reload it for some digital work on radio.  I have been working on it for almost 2 weeks now.  I can’t work on it very long.  Perhaps 2 or 3 hours at a time.  I must be getting old as I find it so very, very tedious.  The first problem was the power supply which I replaced.  Then hard drive errors made it very difficult to get the information off.  I got past that and reloaded Windows XP, that’s what was on it, and now I must go find all the drivers.  Very painful.  I’ll keep you posted.

Well, out of a clear blue sky, Kathy wanted to go to the local library and learn to play the dulcimer.  It is a stringed instrument that you put on your lap and play.  Has 3 or 4 strings and frets laid out similar to a piano keyboard.  Most of the music is not written in readable notes but in numbers.  It’s a hillbilly type instrument that is the only instrument invented in the United States.  I am encouraging her and she ordered one online.  Time will tell whether this is something she really wants to do or something that will take up space in her closet.

We spent all day Saturday working on Mike’s project.  In case you forgot, he wanted to build an archway out of rebar that he  could plant some climbing plant that would grow over it and make a nice entrance to the path through his wooded area he plans to make.  I really had no idea what he wanted to do to begin with but now that it is coming together I understand.  It should be very nice when it’s done.  We got most of it done yesterday.  I will post pictures when it’s finished.

You might have noticed I took the Chrysler to the shop to have the oil changed.  I’m getting too old to get down on the cold concrete in this weather to change it.  I’ll pick that job up again in the spring.

Other thing I’m working on is my audio project.  I’m going to rout all the audio for my HAM radios through a common mixing console.  Then I can equalize the audio and switch it more easily into a computer to operate digital modes.  I’ll show you a picture of it when I’m done.

OK, that’s all I had going this week.  Week went very fast.  I guess that’s a thing about getting old.

OK, bye for now.  Blog at you again next week.

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