Week Ending 3/17/18

A very, very busy week…………………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

3/11/18 – Sunday – Up very early. Really felt the time change. Over and took Gary to church. Home and had another bagel and coffee while I read the news paper. Then a nap till Kathy came home. Up and had lunch. Julie came over and Kathy went with them to shop. I did the blog and got some things ready and went over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and Kathy was coloring Julie’s hair. Spent time with the grand kids then had dinner. Downstairs and did some computer work. Upstairs early, some computer work, TV and sleep.

3/12/18 – Monday – Slept in a little. Up and did the morning routine. Then did chores. A bite of lunch and downstairs. Cleaned up my room. Then started on getting tax information together. Two notes here, one – there was a good 1 & 1/2 to 2 inches of snow this morning. Was very wet and hung to my antennas. It was all gone by 3PM. Two – Kathy is not in a good mood. She is cleaning in preparation for Todd’s visit and can’t be confused with real needs. Seems to me that she is forgetting things more lately. All thing considered it’s making it more difficult for me. Had dinner around 6:30 so I couldn’t make the net this evening. Back to my room and tried to get things together but needed more from Kathy. Got tired of it all so went upstairs to bed. TV, computer work and sleep.

3/13/18 – Tuesday – Up and did morning routine. Then out to Cardiologist. As I thought, he told me not to worry and is sending me for a bunch of tests. Then back to Kroger for rolls for Kathy to take to Dare to Care. Down to Taylorsville and lunch at Moby Dick’s. To Dairy Queen for dessert. Then home. Took a short nap. Was suppose to meet Jim Johnson in J-town to pick up some radios at 2:15. He called about 1:20 looking for me. So I headed down and brought them back to the Morton Building. Took a quick look at them then inside to work on income tax. Had dinner and chatted with guys on the radio awhile. Finished up getting all the paper work together for taxes and put everything in envelopes. Then did some computer work. Upstairs to bed. Practice a little guitar and watched some Big Bang then to sleep.

3/14/18 – Wednesday – Up and did morning routine. Then out to get hair cut. Then to bank to drop off a check and to accountant to drop off papers for taxes. Back home. Made myself some cereal for lunch. Out a little before 2PM to pick up Gary. Took a ride up to Hobby Lobby for some things for Gary. Then to the church for dinner. A stop at Country Mart for milk and home. Did some cleanup in the Morton building. Then inside and some computer work. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/15/18 – Thursday – Up and did the morning routine. Made some phone calls and got some things scheduled. Did chores around the house. Got ready and was out about noon. Stopped on the way to the airport for a quick bite at the Chinese place in J-town. Then to the airport. Todd arrived safe and sound. Home and relaxed an hour or so. Then out to the German restaurant for dinner with Mike and Julie. Home, some socializing and bed.

3/16/18 – Friday – Up and did morning routine. Then out with Todd to get his hair cut. Back to the house and got some hand guns and off to the shooting range. Picked up lunch on the way back and ate at home. Then off to New Balance for some new sneakers for Todd, Kathy and me. Stopped at Kroger for some groceries on the way home. Helped Kathy get dinner started then outside to sight in my Buckmaster M15. Julie, Mike and the kids as well as Dee came over for spaghetti. Started playing cards but kids became a problem after a couple hands. Finished game, everyone went home. I did some computer work then bed and sleep.

3/17/18 – Saturday – Up and out to get pictures taken. Then out for lunch with everyone. Home and Kathy and Todd went shopping. I took a nap. Up and helped get things ready for dinner. The crowd came to eat. Then played cards awhile. Down to my room and did computer work. Everyone is gone so I went upstairs and to bed.

Now the specifics:


I want you to know that it does snow in Kentucky.  This is the scene we woke up to Monday morning.  If you look close it was obviously a wet snow as it hung to my antennas causing everything to droop.  But it did make the trees look pretty.  Of course none accumulated on the driveways or the road surfaces.  Just wet but dried in an hour.  Everything was gone by 3PM.  That’s the way I like snow.

Todd arrived safely on Thursday.  Kathy and I went to pick him up at the airport.  When he got here it was like someone threw a switch.  She had been very difficult to live with the beginning of the week but after her son arrived everything was much better.  We have had a great time with Todd and the rest of the family.  Been a long time since we were all together.  Kathy didn’t take as many pictures as I thought she would but we did go to a professional photographer and had a bunch taken.  So, keep you eye open for updates to the web site with the new pictures.

We went to a German restaurant Thursday night.  Todd had express an interest.  We just picked the highest rated one of the two in Yelp, Google and Yellow pages.  It was fantastic.  Real authentic German food  We had a lot and it wasn’t that expensive.  I think Kathy and I might go back again sometime to try some different dishes.

I had a long list of things to blog about tonight but I am very tired.  So, I think I’ll just end it for now and summarize things next week after Todd leaves.

Later all.

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