Week Ending 3/24/18

Not very productive at all………………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

3/18/18 – Sunday – Up and out early for church. Picked up Gary. Kathy and Todd came separately. Home and took a nap. Then up and lunch. Todd gave me a refresher course on cleaning my Bushmaster. Then cleaned up and over to Mike and Julie’s for dinner. They were going to play cards again and I just could not deal with the kids and Julie screaming at them and they just ignoring her. So I came home after we ate. Todd and Kathy stayed and came home in Julie’s spare car. I put the garbage out and did some clean up. Then on the computer awhile. Kathy and Todd came home so I shut things down and went to bed. Some more computer work, a little TV then sleep.

3/19/18 – Monday – Up late and the morning routine. Kathy and Todd went out shopping. I stayed home, did my exercises, wrote some emails and cleaned the guns we used at the range Friday. Then cleaned up and a nap. Todd and Kathy came home and we went up to Mike and Julie’s for pizza. The kids wanted to see Todd before he went back. Then home. Down to my room for some computer work. To bed, a little guitar, TV and sleep.

3/20/18 – Tuesday – Up early and took Todd to the airport. Came home the long way. Got home and took a nap. Up and had lunch. Then cleaned up around the house. Kathy took another nap and I went to my room to catch up on things. Had a light dinner. To bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

3/21/18 – Wednesday – Tooth is infected again. Called for the root canal and stayed in bed all day.

3/22/18 – Thursday – Feeling a little better. Got up and took shower. Slow getting food in me but all is improving slowly. Otherwise just did small things around the house.

3/23/18 – Friday – Up and had breakfast. Downstairs and caught up on all my paperwork. Kathy was out ruining around all day and attending a concert tonight with Mike and Julie. Worked on my audio project this afternoon. Started feeling like shit so came up around 6PM, had a snack for dinner. Took medication and went to bed. Some computer work, research and sleep.

3/24/18 – Saturday – Up and things are worse. Much more pain and significant swelling. Called my local dentist who got me some medication for infection and pain. Called and canceled appointment for my motorcycle. Had lunch. Spent most of the day laying around. Finally went to bed. Some computer work, Pitch Perfect, sleep.

Now the particulars:

I’m on heavy duty antibiotics and pain medication so things may not sound normal here.  While I’m on the subject here is the chain of events.  Tuesday evening tooth started bothering me.  It sometimes does that and feels better by morning.  So I just ignored it.  Didn’t get better by morning so I started the antibiotic and called the guy my dentist gave me to get a root canal done. First appointment he had was next Monday morning.  At this point I was handling the pain well with the antibiotic and Tylenol.  But the infection was killing me.  All I could do was lay in bed. I started to feel a little better Thursday but Thursday evening it was really killing me.  So, I dug into my stash of leftover pain medication from when I had my orthopedic stuff done.  It did fine.  Then Saturday morning I got up and it was swollen badly.  Apparently the antibiotic wasn’t doing well.  So, I called my dentist on his emergency number and explained the situation.  He told me to start doubling up on the antibiotics and he got me some more of those as well as some pain medication.  So, I’m just holding my breath that I can make it till Monday morning at 8:30AM and get this thing taken  care of soon.

Had a wonderful time with Todd visiting.  It was great having him here.  He and I had our private time on a couple occasions and he got to spend time with his mother.  The grandchildren really enjoyed seeing him.  Chloe cried when he went back home.  She takes after her mother.  I have loads of pictures.  Some we took and some professional photos of various family members in various combinations.  So, when we get the photos from the photographer I will update the website with those.  When I feel well enough to collect the pictures we took I will put them here in the blog.

In case I missed someone I want to thank the many people that called, texted and/or emailed to wish me Happy Birthday.  And my a special thanks to my lady friend Lynn who makes it an annual routine to call me on my birthday.

OK, that’s about it for this week.  Chat with you again next week.


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