Week Ending 4/7/18

Got a lot accomplished this week………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

4/1/18 – Sunday – Seem to be doing better physically. Wasn’t exhausted after getting cleaned up. Did my blog then tried working on my audio project and find it very difficult to focus. Still eating good. Decided tomorrow I need to get out of the house. Otherwise an uneventful day.

3/2/18 – Monday – Up at 7:30AM. Got moving and cleaned up. Updated my RCA pad. Got dressed and I drove over to Shelbyville to Cattleman’s Steak House. Had lunch and did some shopping for lawn mower supplies and some things at Walmart. Then to Middletown to CVS. Then home. A nap and up for a snack for dinner. Downstairs and met the guys on the radio. Back upstairs, to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

3/3/18 – Tuesday – Up and got back to PT exercises. Then out to the Morton building. Cleaned up some things, took the plow off the tractor and put the mower deck on. Officially the end of winter here. Came in and had a late lunch then cleaned up and laid down awhile. Up and up to CVS and to check out Mike and Julie’s place. All was well. Back down to Taylorsville for dinner at the Chinese restaurant and some grocery shopping. Home, put things away. To my room to check emails, do some other computer work. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/4/18 – Wednesday – Up and getting back to morning routine. Then out and rode the bike over to the shop for it’s annual maintenance. Stopped for McDonald’s on the way home. Kathy got ready and was off to Dare to Care. I went downstairs and did some computer work. Then out to pick up Gary for dinner with the guys at Hometown Pizza. Home and cleaned up some things. Then to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

3/5/18 – Thursday – Up and usual morning routine. Then up to oral surgeon for final declaration on my tooth. All was well. Stopped at the accountant’s office and picked up my taxes. Stopped at the bank but everyone was busy so went next door to CVS for some things for Kathy. Then home. Didn’t sleep well last night so took a little nap. Than had lunch. Got caught up on a lot of missed appointments and did some other computer work. Neighbor wanted to borrow air tank so got that for him. Had dinner. Met guys on the radio. Then some more computer work. Upstairs, TV and sleep.

4/6/18 – Friday – Up and usual morning routine. Made some phone calls and got an appointment to have my tooth finished up. Then dressed and over to BMW shop to pick up the motorcycle. Rode it home and changed clothes then down to Moby Dick’s for lunch. Home and a nap. Up and did some chores then down to my room for computer work and to play with new power supply I got in the mail. Back upstairs and changed clothes. Out to the Chinese buffet for dinner with Mike, Julie and the grand children. Kathy went shopping with Julie so I came home. Did some chores, computer work, bed, TV and sleep.

4/7/18 – Saturday – Up this morning to snow on the ground. Only a dusting and was gone by lunch. Woke up late and did morning routine. Downstairs and wrote check for taxes. Took it out to the mail box. Had a light bite for lunch. Downstairs and finished one of the circuit designs for my audio interface. Up stairs for a little dinner. Back downstairs to document circuit design. Upstairs, to bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

Now the specifics:

The best news this week was the follow up appointment with oral surgeon.  I was off the antibiotics Tuesday and saw him Thursday.  He declared all good and told me to follow up with the dentist for the final touch.  That was great news.  Still getting tired quickly but I’m pushing myself more and more.  Things seem to be improving slowly.  Got all my appointments rescheduled that I had to miss while messing with the bad tooth.  At the same time my right knee is causing me great pain when I try to go up the stairs.  So I have a lot to get caught up on.  Still leaving things open about doing the Rolling Thunder ride again this year.

I got the motorcycle over to the dealer and had the annual maintenance done on it.  Wasn’t much to do this year as most of the expensive stuff was done last year.  They found a minor leak on a seal at the rear of the drive shaft so I had them fix that.  Also had them put in a new battery.  Still came in under my budget for this year.  Was a little cold riding over.  Temperature was just in the 40s.  Trip back was much nicer as the temperature was up in the upper 50s.  But my gear kept me warm in both cases.

All the entertainment is over at church now that Easter is over.  So I started back this Sunday.  Felt good.

Finished the design work on my audio interface unit.  Now just need to add up all the parts I need and get them ordered.  Then the assembly stage.  Hope it’s all worth it.

Got to call my friend Lynn on her Birthday last Sunday.  Was good to chat with her.  As long as I can remember we have always called each other on our birthdays.  I think Kathy and I will plan a trip down there this year.

OK, that’s enough for this week.  Blog at you again next week.

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