Week Ending 4/14/18

I survived Friday the 13th…………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

4/8/18 – Sunday – Up and out early to pick up Gary for church. Back home and a snack before laying down for a nap. Neighbor called and was still having trouble with a flat tire on his lawn tractor. I went over and helped him plug the leak and got it going. Then gathered things up to take over to Gary’s for Sunday afternoon get together. Home and took Kathy to Dairy Queen for dinner. Home and to my room for some computer work. Upstairs to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

4/9/18 – Monday – Up early and did my morning routine. Was a cold day so we stayed inside. Worked in my room most of the day. Cleaned up and did research. Otherwise nothing exciting. To bed around 9:30 and watched some TV. Apnea test equipment came today so I have to wear it tonight and tomorrow night then send it back. Oh Joy, oh Joy.

4/10/18 – Tuesday – Up early and morning routine. Out to GFS to shop for things for Dare to Care. Took them to the church and dropped them off. Then to Taylorsville for lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Home and Kathy went to Costco. Since I didn’t sleep well last night with that stupid test I went to bed and slept. She came home so I got up and had dinner. Then downstairs and met the guys on the radio. Did some computer work then upstairs to bed. More computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

4/11/18 – Wednesday – Up early and out with Kathy to get my haircut. Then down to Taylorsville to drop off apnea test things in UPS box. Then to post office to drop off a return for Kathy. Then to McDoonald’s for lunch. Stopped at the vets to pick up things for Bella and home. Kathy took a nap and headed out to Dare to Care. I went to my room and did computer research till time to go get Gary and off to eat at Dare to Care. Home and some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

4/12/18 – Thursday – Up and did morning routine minus exercises. Out and started mowing around 10AM. Worked steady and ran out of steam around 2PM. Kathy made me a sandwich and brought out to me for lunch. Went in the house and laid down awhile then up and cleaned up. Had dinner then down stairs and met guys on the radio. Did some computer work. Then upstairs, to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

4/13/18 – Friday – Up and did morning routing minus exercises. Was planning on a motorcycle ride but it was too windy. So, went out and got the riding mower and started. Finished with it and did some cleaning up with the push mower then the trimmer. In the house and a bite of lunch. Got cleaned up and a nap. Then downstairs to research some parts I needed among other things. Upstairs for a little dinner. Then to bed, some more computer work, TV and sleep.

4/14/18 – Saturday – Up and the morning routine. Then out shopping. Needed some things from Lowes and they only had 1 of the 3 things I needed. Then to Walmart next door for milk and some other items. None of the kind of milk we wanted. So, went to Taylorsville and stopped at the Mexican restaurant for lunch. They weren’t open yet. So to Hometown pizza instead. Then to Country Mart for milk. They didn’t had pints either. So, got a 1/2 gallon and home. Unloaded the car. I went to the Morton building to grind down some screws. Not successful. So, back to the house and a nap. Up and down to my room for some shopping on the computer. Up for dinner. Back down stairs for some more computer work. Up to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

I’m not sure what this apnea test is suppose to prove.  I guess some people stop breathing awhile when they sleep and statistically it’s been linked to some from of cardiac problem.  Anyway, it is one of the test the cardiologist wanted me to do.  So I wore the contraption Monday and Tuesday night and sent it back.  It’s suppose to monitor your breathing with a device around your chest.  Also has a nasal cannula that monitors your breathing through the nose and has a finger sensor that is normally used to measure oxygen saturation.  It records data for two nights you sleep.  Anyway, I sent it back Wednesday and haven’t heard anything.  Perhaps the results will go directly to the cardiologist.

Slowly getting back in shape here.  Got outside to do work in the yard.  First attempt this year and I was out for a solid 4 hours.  I  thought that was good for the first time this year.  And I managed to get most of the heavy grass cleared in the area of the springs I have on property.  Hopefully that will give it a chance to dry out if the wind continues the way it has.  Was able to finish up the work on Friday.

I had planned on being out on the motorcycle Friday but it turned out to be too windy.  So I finished the mowing and cleaning up around the house.  Of course the only two days this coming week that it looks good is Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday I have a dentist appointment to finish up the work the root canal guy started.  And Thursday I have an echo and stress test scheduled.  Just so excited to get this all done.  That will be the bulk of the things I have to do.  A couple more minor things and I should be done with doctors for at least another 6 months.

I think that’s all the major stuff for this past week so I’ll close for now.  Blog at you again next week.

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