Week Ending 4/21/18

Very busy week but got a lot done…………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

4/15/18 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Back home and another bagel and coffee and to bed for a nap. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Then downstairs to do the blog. Out to Gary’s for the Sunday afternoon get together. Back home and to my room to do computer updates. Kathy came home from shopping so we had dinner. Back to my room for more computer updates. Then to bed. Big Bang and sleep.

4/16/18 – Monday – Up and morning routine. Then out for errands (Social Security Office, GFS, Church, Bank, Homedepot, Meijer and lunch at Bob Evans). Home and unloaded the truck. Put the truck away. Then to my room for computer work and updates. Upstairs for dinner. Back to my room and met the guys on the radio. Finished computer work then upstairs for dessert. To bed, some TV (No Big Bang) and sleep.

4/17/18 – Tuesday – Up late. Didn’t sleep well last night. Got cleaned up and started more computer updates. Had a light lunch as Kathy was getting her hair done. Then cleaned up and out for dentist appointment. Came home and got tools back from neighbor. Inside and had dinner. Down to my room to meet the guys on the radio. Some computer work. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

4/18/18 – Wednesday – Slept in today. Up and did morning routine. Then downstairs for retirees net at 10AM. Chatted with Bill up in Oldham county awhile. Upstair for a little bowl of soup. Then down stairs for more computer work. Then cleaned up and out to pick up Gary. Went to Hobby Lobby then to Krispy Kreme for coffee. Then to the church for dinner and home. Had dessert then to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

4/19/18 – Thursday – Up early (Couldn’t sleep) and did chores. Then cleaned up and into Louisville for a Cardiology work up at 1PM. Got done and headed home. Stopped at the new Hometown Pizza on Taylorsville road for a lunch/dinner around 3:30. Home and took a nap Kathy went to bell choir practice and I went down stairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Upstairs for dessert then back down stairs for some computer work. Then the W4CN nets starting at 8:30PM. Then to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

4/20/18 – Friday – Did not sleep well last night with that Halter Monitor on me. Went to the kitchen to find a note from Kathy. She had gone to Mike and Julie’s to babysit Chloe. Chloe was sick and had a doctor’s appointment. I went to my room and work on TinyCAD most of the day. I want to have everything drawn up for my audio project before I go to much further. I made my self lunch and at 3PM I disconnected myself from the Halter Monitor. Got in the shower and scrubbed all the sticky stuff off. Kathy came home and I got dressed and we went to Cattleman’s Roadhouse for dinner. Then home, some computer work, to bed, some TV and sleep.

4/21/18 – Saturday – Up and out to take the arch that Mike and I built up to his house on the trailer. Back and dropped the trailer then down to Taylorsville for lunch at Dairy Queen. Back home and started on the lawn. Finished up about 4PM. Back inside, cleaned up and had dinner. Down to my room for some computer work. Back upstairs to bed. Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

All the tests are done.  I had a breathing monitor on for two nights.  I had a Halter monitor on for a night.  I went into the cardiologist’s office and had an echo and stress test.  People that did the stuff for me were extremely nice.  Said I should have the results back by the end of next week.  I have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist on May 1st.  If this turns out to be another story that everything is OK you just need to live with it, then my primary care physician and I are going to have a serious talk.  This crap all started when he wanted to change medication on me because he didn’t want to write scripts for narcotics.  I take the smallest dosage available and he only gives me 90 pills every 6 months.  I don’t think I’m abusing them or selling them.  OK, I”ll get off my soap box now.

Have you heard that Amnesty International has made Colin Kaepernick their Ambassador of Conscience this year.  I almost shit myself.  I briefly checked out the Amnesty International web site and it looks like they don’t do much but stir up trouble.  Nothing productive that I can see anyway.  It also appears that they get their funding through donations.  I think that is going to be slim pickin’s in the US anyway.  It is hard to believe that any organization would celebrate a person being so disrespectful to a country.  But then again, Time magazine made Adolph Hitler “Man of the Year” in January of 1939.  I guess that shows just how much thought these people put into who they name for what.

Weather has been as changeable here as everywhere else.  It had been nice last weekend then Monday it was snowing most of the day.  Everything was warm so other than a little collecting on the grass, there was essentially no accumulation.  But still had idiots running around in shorts with it snowing outside and the temperature in the 30s.  Ya just can’t fix stupid.

Jim called this week and I gave him the word that I would not be making Rolling Thunder this year.  I just don’t feel sure enough about my health to be going out camping for 5 or 6 days in Lorton, VA.  One of the ladies that went last year is a little upset as I was going to be her ride.  I feel bad about it but I think I need to be a little cautious.  I’m 70 now and maybe that scares me a little.  Anyway, that’s my call right now.  Perhaps it will change toward the end of May but I am doubting it.

I think those are the highlights for this week.  If I forgot something I’ll catch up on it next week.  Bye for now.

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