Week Ending 5/5/18

A very unique week.  This may be long so hang on…………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

4/29/18 – Sunday – Up early and over to pick up Gary for church. Home and another coffee and bagel while I read the paper. Then down to do the blog. Upstairs for lunch. Outside to fix the downspout on the side of the garage. 15 minute job that took over 2 hours. That included a trip to Lowes for some Gorilla glue. Inside and down to my room for computer work. Upstairs, changed clothes and off to have dinner with Mike, Julie and the Grand Kids. Home and down to my room to make sure Garmin updates finished. To bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

4/30/18 – Monday – Well, we went to Tumbleweeds for dinner last night. I knew it would bother my stomach and I was up 5 or 6 times last night with the heart burn and was going to the bathroom every hour. Needless to say that screwed up my plans today. So, I stayed in all day and played radio and organized my room. I got all my filing done, the taxes organized and put away and some other chores. Also made some good contacts on the radio. So a very successful day.

5/1/18 – Tuesday – Up early and out for doctor’s appointment. Home and chores then lunch. Went over the motorcycle and headed out. Rode for 3 to 4 hours. Ended at Mike and Julie’s for dinner. Home and chatted with the guys on the radio. Did some exercises, to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

5/2/18 – Wednesday – What a day. This may be long. Kathy and I got up early and headed up to LaGrange for sod for Mike. The place was out of business. Went to Homedepot just to check them out and they didn’t have any either. Stopped at Bob Evan’s for an early lunch. Took Kathy home and put the truck away. Took the Chrysler, gassed up and headed for Middletown and the Hallmark Card store. Figure that is the only place I can get a 70 year old birthday card for Kathy. Got all the cards I needed and headed to the bank to get some money. Then down to Taylorsville to the flower shop. It was closed so I headed back to Kroger in J-town. On the way encountered an auto accident that held things up. Finally made it to Kroger and was told they would have arrangements already made up so I didn’t need to order anything. Headed home and unloaded everything. Spent an hour in my room doing computer work. Then out to pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Home and did my exercises then to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

5/3/18 – Thursday – Up and out to cut down the pine tree Kathy wants gone. Trimmed back two bushes that have died. Was getting ready to start digging up the stumps when it started to rain. So I put things away and came inside. Made myself lunch then put some of my summer clothes in the drawers. Got cleaned up and waited for Kathy to get back from shopping. Help unload groceries. Then took off for a little R&R. Stopped on the way home and picked up some McDonald’s for dinner. Met the guys on the radio, did the tread mill and some computer work. Made the W4CN nets at 8:30. Then to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

5/4/18 – Friday – Up early and did my morning routine. Did chores around the house then down to my room to pay some bills. Then cleaned up and lunch. Then took Kathy over to Norton’s woman’s hospital for some test. All turned out good. Home and did more chores. Then dinner. Downstairs and walked the tread mill for 1/2 hour while I talked to my friend Jim. Then to bed, some reading, computer work, TV and sleep.

5/5/18 – Saturday – Up and did my morning routine. Kathy headed out to help Julie at her deceased farther-in-law’s place. I did updates on my computers and copied all my HAM logs. So, you can check my log on my website under ‘Hobbies” and see the latest contacts I made. Then upstairs to make myself lunch. Back downstairs to play radio awhile then back upstairs around 2PM to start Sauerkraut and Kielbasa and hot dogs for dinner. Then sat down to read. Kathy came home and we unloaded her car. Kathy went to take a nap and I went downstairs and tried playing radio again. Still not good. Too many contesting. Kathy got up and we had dinner. Then off to Kohl’s. Kathy decided what she wanted for her birthday so went to buy it. Of course they didn’t have it in stock so we ordered it online. The to Homedepot for some things. Then a stop at Dairy Queen and home. To bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

I went to the Cardiologist for my final report after all the tests and he said there was nothing wrong with me and I was a young 70.  Whatever the hell that means.  Anyway, it was good news but the same crap I went through in New York a couple times.  So now I guess I’ll go back and fight with the doctor that want to change my medication.

Kathy went for her annual woman’s thing and her Mammogram came back with a shady area.  Again, this happened in New York and she tried to explain that.  But they insisted on additional tests so Friday we had that done and as happened in the past, everything was OK.

It is hell getting old.  Seems like your weeks are planned around which doctors you will be seeing.

So, this coming Tuesday is Kathy’s 70th birthday.  She will catch up with me.  So, trmy daughter and I have been trying to find out what she wants for her birthday with no luck.  We can’t even find out when and where she wants to go for dinner.  It is rather difficult as her birthday is Tuesday and all three grand children have things going that evening.  So anyway on Saturday she announces she found what she wants.  Some electric pressure cooker pot at Khol’s.  So, after dinner I said let’s go and off to Khol’s we went.  Needless to say they didn’t have it in stock so we ordered it there to be delivered to the house since they had free shipping.  I have two cards ready for Tuesday and will go into Krogers in the morning and get her flowers.  I think I have it all lined up.

Had a nice motorcycle ride this week.  Put over 90 miles on the bike.  Everything performed as it should.  Stopped for some R&R as well as a trip to Mike and Julie’s for dinner.  Hope to get some more rides in soon.

I finally got to start reading a book I was given a few years before we left New York.  It was the last book written by Dan Brown called Inferno.  So far another great book.

On the down side this week I reached out to a guy that was a friend of mine in New York and had moved to Germany with his wife.  He told me his wife had a major stroke this year and is in bad shape.  Not a good thing.  I was shocked as his wife is rather young.  So, I will add him and his wife to my list of people I keep in my thoughts and prayers.

OK, I think that is more then enough for this week.  Hope everyone had a good week last week and I wish you a better week to come.

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