Week Ending 6/23/18

A very busy week, a lot happening……………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

6/17/18 – Sunday – Up and morning routine. Then out with Kathy to church. After church went to Bob Evans for Father’s day breakfast. Waited 45 minutes to get seated. Almost as long to get served. Not well thought out. Home and picked up a prescription on the way. A little tired so took a nap. Got interrupted when Todd called to wish me Happy Father’s Day. I enjoyed his call. Had a light dinner. Out on the deck awhile. Then some chores and down to my room for computer updates. Then to bed, some reading, Big Bang and sleep.

6/18/18 – Monday – Up and morning routine. Did chores then cleaned up and out for some shopping. Got home early afternoon and had lunch. Outside and started moving dirt. Only worked a couple hours. Then inside and re-hydrated. A little nap then dinner. Down to meet the guys on the radio. Upstairs to watch a movie on TV and do computer update. Then sleep.

6/19/18 – Tuesday – Up at a reasonable hour. Did morning routine then out to finish up the project I started yesterday. In around 11:30AM. Had lunch. Kathy took off to wait for the moving folks in Shepardsville. I went to my room and did some computer research. Kathy came home and hurried off again to watch the kids while Mike and Julie went out. I heated up some Jambalaya for dinner then back to my room for computer updates and meet the guys on the radio. Then upstairs to bed, Big Bang, some reading and sleep.

6/20/18 – Wednesday – Up early and usual morning routine. Called health department to see if they know where my septic field is. Then down for my hair cut on the motorcycle. Took a ride after the hair cut. Got home around noon. Made myself lunch then down stairs and played radio. Upstairs and cleaned up and out to pick up Gary for dinner at church. Home, dessert, to bed, Big Bang, Computer updates and sleep.

6/21/18 – Thursday – Up early and usual morning routine. Then out to pick up Gary and take him in town for pool supplies. Then home and Kathy and I went to Shepardsville to meet guys picking up furniture at Mike’s dads house. Had lunch on the way home. Unloaded the truck. In the house and ground up ham for Kathy then a nap. Up and had dinner. Then down to my room to play radio. Upstairs, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

6/22/18 – Friday – Up and usual morning routine. Out in the truck to the big shopping malls in Louisville to buy a new mattress and a trip to the genius bar for Kathy’s Iphone. Stopped at Burger King in Shelbyville on the way home for lunch. Home and chores. A nap, dinner then down stairs. Met the guys on the radio then worked some HF stations. Good to have the bands open again, even if for a short time. Then upstairs for dessert, chores, bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

6/23/18 – Saturday – Up and morning routine and chores around the house. Lunch then got the truck and trailer ready and headed to Shepardsville. Helped Mike and Julie with repairs to the house and getting ready to sell it. Then home and cleaned up. Took a bike up to Mike and Julie’s and went to Applebee’s for dinner. Home and checked the pool. Dessert, to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Got a number of things so I’ll try to be brief on them.

Father’s Day was a pain in the ass.  Had plans to go to Bob Evan’s after church.  Who would have thought they’d be crowded at 10AM.  We waited 45 minutes for a seat, almost as long to be served.  I would have changed plans but I wasn’t the one in charge.  Kathy was playing bitch again and winning as always.  Not much of a delight for me.  Hi-light of the day was a call from Todd.

Did work outside this week moving dirt from the pile they made when they installed the pool and filling in some low spots.  Put down grass seed and covered with straw.  We’ll see how that turns out.  If good, I have some more areas to do.

Weather was rather crappy this week.  Either hot and humid as hell or raining.  So, only got to work outside two days and had half a day to ride the motorcycle.

Have a wet spot in the front yard.  Had one guy tell me it was a spring.  I’m not sure.  Trying to get information from the county health department.  They should have a record of where the septic field is.  Unless it was done by the property owner and they never updated the health department.

Radio bands have been great this week.  Chatted with some of my friends out of the country.  It’s amazing how many people you meet and friends you make on the radio never seeing them in person.  Very fun experience.

Perhaps some things need explaining here.  Mike and Julie inherited a house in Shepardsville.  Mike’s twin brother Mark lived in the house after he and his wife separated.  Mark died several years ago of cancer.  Shortly afterward, Mike made arrangements for his dad and step mother to move into the house.  The step mother died several years ago and his dad died of a stroke last year.  So now the house sits empty.  So, he and Julie are hard at work getting it ready to put on the market.  Their plan is to sell the property in Shepardsville and buy a house in Oldham county that is close to where they live for Mike’s mother to move in.

So now that you have the story on that, you might better understand why Kathy and I are spending time in Shepardsville.  With Mike and Julie working full time it is difficult for them to meet people to get things done on the house.  So, either Kathy or I do that for them.  We also help haul things for them and help them get rid of things.

Been playing with a program called OverDrive.  It’s a program that allows you to download ‘E’ books from the local library and read them on a tablet or other device.  I got the account and am ready to go.  Just need to go to the local library this week and get a library card.

Like I said, a lot happening.  But that’s it for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Have a great week and blog at you again next week.

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