Week Ending 6/30/18

A very hot and busy week……………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

6/24/18 – Sunday – Up early and morning routine. Out to pick up Gary and to church. Home and another cup of coffee and the paper. Kathy came home and lunch. Then to bed for a nap. Up and over to Gary’s for the Sunday afternoon get together. Home and started computer work. Kathy is out shopping. She came home and we put things away. More computer work and out for Chinese for dinner. Home and more computer work. Up stairs and dessert. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

6/25/18 – Monday – Up early and morning routine. Kathy was already out to watch the grand kids. I did chores around the house in the morning then at noon went to the library for a library card and stopped for some lunch to bring home on the way back. Had lunch then did computer work and played radio. Up stairs around 5:30 for dinner. Kathy came home and had a bite then ran off to her woman’s group meeting. Back to my room and met the guys on the radio. Computer updates. Upstairs to bed, TV and sleep.

6/26/18 – Tuesday – Up early and morning routine. Out to Morton building to clean things up and get some minor projects finished. Waiting for the scrap lady in the mean time. In the house and a quick bite for lunch and in the car to head down to Shepardsville to help Mike work on the fence. Got sever thunderstorm warning and rain and wind picked up badly. Not the weather to work on a fence. Turned around part way there and came back home. Waited for things to clear up then out to CVS for medication for Kathy then to Lowes for a new dead bolt lock for the rear garage door. Stopped in Taylorsville for Mexican for dinner. Home and replace lock. Met the guys on 2 meters side band. Some computer updates then up stairs and to bed. Reading, Big Bang and sleep.

6/27/18 – Wednesday – Up early and started morning routine. Stopped to go downstairs to make W4CN retirees net. Upstairs and finished morning routine. Did chores around the house taking a break for lunch. Kathy went to cook at Dare to Care. I took a nap, then up and to pickup Gary for dinner at church. Back home and dessert. To bed, computer updates, played with tablet, Big Bang and sleep.

6/28/18 – Thursday – Up early and out for dentist appointment. Then to the store for a cake to drop off to the lady that does my hair for her birthday. Then home and out to mow lawn. Kathy had to take Shelby to a doctor’s appointment and got back at noon. I stopped and had lunch then back out to do more. Heat got to us so we came in around 3:30PM. Got cleaned up and rested then had dinner. Down stairs to meet the guys on the radio. Then some computer updates, up stairs, dessert and to bed. Play with tablet, Big Bang and sleep.

6/29/18 – Friday – Up at a normal time. Kathy already up and out to watch grand children. Did my morning routine and chores around the house. Kathy came home and went to get her hair done. I went out and finished up some trimming then loaded sprayer with bug killer and sprayed the three trees that normally attract Japanese Beatles. Cleaned up the sprayer and loaded the truck to help Mike with the fence in Shepardsville. Inside and had some bean soup Mike made for lunch. Kathy came home and I helped her with the pool. Inside and watch a movie on TV. Dinner, down stairs and played radio and checked email. Then upstairs to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

6/30/18 – Saturday – Up early and out to Shepardsville to help Mike and Julie get the house ready to sell. Finished up and went to Lowes for lumber and took that to Mike and Julie’s house. Had late lunch. Then home. Kathy went grocery shopping and I unloaded the truck. Went to my room and checked emails. Kathy came home and unloaded car. Our friend Dee, Mike, Julie and the grand kids came over for dinner. Then in the pool. In the house for dessert. Bed, Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Weather was interesting this week.  Sunday through Wednesday we had rain off and on.  No way any work was getting done outside.  Then Thursday it cleared but got very hot and humid.  We mowed lawn Thursday and had to quit before we got it all done.  The heat and humidity was brutal.  It only got worse as the week progressed.  I got out Friday and finished up the trimming I missed Thursday and sprayed some trees.  They seem to be the only ones that attract the Japanese Beatles.  Then Saturday went down and helped Mike finish repairing the fence at the house they are selling.  Bottom line, a lot of work in the heat and humidity.  But I didn’t do too bad for an old guy.

Kathy had been busy with the grand kids a lot this week.  Monday of course she had her usual detail of watching them for the day.  Then Thursday she had to go over early and pick up Shelby to take her to a doctor’s appointment.  Friday she had to go over and watch them awhile.  The regular babysitter had a doctor’s appointment so Kathy filled in till she was done with that.  But I guess she is enjoying it.

Tuesday we were suppose to go down to Shepardsville to help Mike finish the fence.  We started getting sever thunderstorm warnings and reports of tornado’s north of us.  So we turned around half way down and got home.  Was not good weather.

Other than normal stuff I went to the library to get a library card so I can download ‘E’ books on my tablet.  Perhaps one day when I run out of other things to do I’ll read some books.

Well that about sums it up for this week.  Nothing exciting, just staying busy.  Hope all is well and will blog at you again next week.

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