Week Ending 7/7/18

Happy 4th of July………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

7/1/18 – Sunday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out to pick up Gary for church. Home, another cup of coffee and bagel and newspaper. Went to lay down for nap. Up and had lunch. Chores around the house. Then off to meet with Gary and Mike for Sunday afternoon get together. Home and out with Kathy for Chinese for dinner. Home and chores. To my room to do blog and computer updates. Upstairs, TV and sleep.

7/2/18 – Monday – Up early, breakfast and down stairs to meet a guy from New Jersey on 40 meters. Chatted for 1/2 hour then upstairs and chores around the house. Had lunch and back down stairs to do computer work and other paper work. Then over to Shephardsville to pick up a jack and jack stands for my friend Mike. Up to Red Lobster for dinner. Home, desert, bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

7/3/18 – Tuesday – Up and morning routine. Had Terminex guy come over and take a look around. No termites inside the house but found them outside under the mulch. So, they are going to come back Thursday morning and spray some stuff and put some traps in. Morton building was OK. This afternoon I took the jack and jack stands over to Mike’s house. Home and took a nap. Down stairs and did some computer work. Up stairs and dinner. Back downstairs and met guys on radio. Up stairs, chores, bed, Big Bang , computer updates and sleep.

7/4/18 – Wednesday – Up early and morning routine. Down to make radio net at 10AM. Checked emails. Then upstairs to help Kathy get ready for everyone coming for lunch. Mike, Julie and grand kids arrived shortly after noon. Had lunch and swimming. They left and I help Kathy clean up. A little dinner and down stairs for computer updates/work. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

7/5/18 – Thursday – Up early and felt like crap. Must have overdone it yesterday. Had a bite of breakfast and back to bed. Not sure if I have a bug or the sun got to me yesterday. Finally got up around 11AM. Had a bite of lunch. Then to my room for computer work and to clean up. Back upstairs for dinner and out to put the solar cover on the pool. Back down stairs and met the guys on 2 meters. Did computer updates till 8:30 and got on the W4CN nets. Up to bed, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

7/6/18 – Friday – Up early and usual morning routine. Then cleaned up bedroom and moved mattress to hall. Getting new mattress today and needed to get things out of the way. Mattress delivered and things put back to normal. Cleaned up and out to the bank and shopping. Had lunch at Home Run Burgers while out. Stopped at Dollar General for a few things on the way home. Home and unloaded the car. Fixed a lamp and sent email to bank representative. Then upstairs for a nap. Up and had dinner. Met guys on 2 meters. Up and out to fix back door screen. Downstairs for computer updates. Kathy went shopping with Julie. Upstairs, TV and sleep.

7/7/18 – Saturday – Up late and morning routine. Then out to mow lawn. Took a break about 12:30 for lunch. Finished around 3:30. Inside to clean up and rest. Then dinner. To my room, played radio and did computer updates. Upstairs to bed, read, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

In the world of HAM radio there are many ways to enjoy the hobby.  For a lot it’s playing with things, trying to get them to work better or building your own equipment.  Other people enjoy the challenge of contacting people in various areas of the country.  A couple weeks ago I got an email from one such person.  They give awards for talking to someone in all the counties of a state.  He was working on talking to all the counties in Kentucky.  It seems I’m one of the few HAMs in Spencer county that actually operates on the radio and is reachable via email.  Anyway, we made a schedule to chat this week on 40 meters.  We made the contact with no problem and had an enjoyable chat for a 1/2 hour.  Nice guy from New Jersey.  He is retired and was an audio engineer with CBS news out of New York City.  He knew a guy I used to talk with up in the Carmel area of New York who was a sound engineer on some of the WCBS television shows.  All in all a very pleasant experience.

For several weeks now I have been observing wood boring bees around the deck to the swimming pool as well as the 4X4 post that is supporting my vertical HAM antenna.  Then last week I noticed a larger area was eaten out of the 4X4 post.  Not knowing much about insects I mistakenly thought it might be termites.  So, we made a call to Terminex to come take a look.  He explained to me that the larger holes in my 4X4 were probably the result of other insects or birds getting at the larvae of the wood boring bees.  And it was not termites.  So, since he was here we had him check the house.  He didn’t find anything in the house or the Morton building but did find them under the mulch where Kathy plants her flowers.  So, we had them come back and they injected some chemical 2 feet under the ground where we saw the termites and they put tubes in the ground around the exterior of the house that acts as a deterrent and will also indicate if there are any termites in the area.  The plan comes with a warranty that they will repair any termite damage to the house at no cost and come back annually and re-check everything.  So, my fears were nothing but we did get lucky and found some others and took care of them before it was a problem.

Well happy 4th of July.  We got a nice dinner ready for everyone on Wednesday and a little after noon, Mike, Julie and the grand children all came over.  They had hot dogs and burgers the day before so Kathy made meatloaf and a slew of other things include corn on the cob.  A good meal enjoyed by everyone.  Then I took the kids out to the swimming pool and gave Mike, Julie and Kathy a break for awhile.  Kathy and Julie came out later and we all enjoyed a good time in the pool.  I may have over done things in terms of not wearing protective clothing or putting on sun screen.  I was rather red on my shoulders, back and chest area.  Got up Thursday morning and was a little sick in my stomach so I just slept it off.  Then everything was fine.

Just one last thing I don’t understand.  Perhaps one of my readers can shed some light on this.  A couple years ago a woman here in the Louisville area wrote a book that indicated she had been a madam and had supplied prostitutes to the U of L basket ball program and was paid by the athletic department at U of L.  More recently a woman named Stormy Daniels made some accusation that she had supplied sexual service to some politicians in the exchange for money that reportedly came out of campaign funds.  Both these woman are walking free today.  Now if  a woman admitted that she had sex we me for money and I admitted it, wouldn’t she be arrested and charged with prostitution and wouldn’t I be arrested and charged with solicitation?  What’s the story here?  What am I missing?

OK, that enough for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Have a great week to come.  Blog at you again next week.

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