Week Ending 7/28/18

Not very busy but got some things done…………………….

As always, first the chronology:

7/22/18 – Sunday – Up early, usual morning routine and off to pick up Gary for church. Home and a nap till Kathy came home. Dinner and off to find another wagon at Harbor Freight. Went to the store I called Friday and said they had three but they couldn’t find them. So, I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up some prescriptions and came home. Went over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together then back to the house to pick up Kathy and off to Moby Dick’s for dinner. Home, computer updates. Bed, Big Ban and some research. Then sleep.

7/23/18 – Monday – Up late, usual routine. Went over to Lowes and Tractor Supply for material to modify my wagon to be hitched to the tractor or golf cart and carry the generator around. Home and had lunch. Back out and scoped out the situation. Have a pretty good idea what I want to do. Came in and took a nap. Up for dinner. Down to my room to meet the guys on 2 meters. Did a little HF listening. Computer updates/upgrades. Bed, TV and sleep.

7/24/18 – Tuesday – Up late, usual morning routine. Did chores around the house till lunch. Then out to the Morton building and worked on modifying the wagon I got from Harbor Freight to accommodate the generator. Got that done and started fabricating the tongue so it can be towed behind the tractor or the golf cart. Inside for dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Did some computer updates. Up to bed, browsing, Big Bang and sleep.

7/25/18 – Wednesday – Up early and usual morning routine. Then out to the doctor’s office. Then to the bank and CVS. Was going to get Hepatitis A shots but they were busy. So home. Then over to Gary’s house to help him reconfigure his radio. Home and took Kathy to my computer guy for a new monitor. Then to Taylorsville for shopping and lunch. Home and changed clothes and out to the Morton building for final fabrication. Cleaned up the Morton building and inside. Dinner, met the guys on 2 meters. Up to CVS for shots, home, to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

7/26/18 – Thursday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out for hair cut and other errands. Home and lunch. Out to mow lawn. Didn’t finish but stopped a little after 5PM. In and shower. Dinner, downstairs to chat with Gary on 2 meters. Then the W4CN net at 8:30. Computer updates. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

7/27/18 – Friday – Up late and usual morning routine. Out to finish the lawn. Back in around 2PM. Had a light lunch. Cleaned up and chores. Out with Gary and Loretta to celebrate her birthday. Home, computer updates. Bed, TV and sleep.

7/28/18 – Saturday – Up late and usual morning routine. Did chores around the house till lunch time but not hungry. So out to the Morton building and fixed some things. Finished the wagon project and painted it. Cleaned up and inside. Checked email and played radio till dinner. Back downstairs to finish some things. Then out to the Morton building and put the tongue on the wagon and tested pulling it around with the garden tractor. Inside, to bed, TV and Big Bang, then sleep.

Now the specifics:


Here is my wagon custom modified to haul my generator around.  The wagon cost me around $55.  I spent another $45 on material.  I welded a cross piece and two vertical L brackets to set the generator on and then used 4 hose clamps to attach the generator to the wagon.  It had a pull handle on it so I replace that with a tongue that will fit the hitch of the garden tractor or Kathy’s golf cart.  Now Kathy can hitch this to her golf cart and go anywhere on the property and use her electric hedge trimmers and electric pole saw.  And there are just too many place she wants to go that are too far away from any outlet.  Extension cords are not an option.


Some of you may have seen this picture on facebook but this is my wife and our friend Loretta.  We try to help out Gary and Loretta anytime we can and they needed more than the usual amount of help last year.  Wasn’t anything exceptional as far as Kathy and I was concerned but they wanted to show there appreciation so they invited us out to Ruth Chris steakhouse to celebrate Loretta’s birthday on Friday night.  Very fancy restaurant with very good food.

Our HAM buddy Mike is in the hospital.  He has been having what they thought was bouts of stomach problems.  Well last weekend he had a very bad flare up that put him in the emergency room.  They did all kinds of tests and determined it was his Gall Bladder.  So, he was schedule for laparoscopic surgery to remove his gall bladder but things did not go well.  They could not complete the process as they planned so they had to open him up to finish the job.  As a result he is still in the hospital and probably will be for a little while longer.

I had what I thought was an unusual problem this Thursday.  While mowing the lawn the spring broke on the belt tensioner on my mower deck.  Stopped and went to the John Deere dealer and to my surprise they had them in stock.  They said it is a common thing to happen so I bought two.  One to replace and the other as an insurance policy that the first one won’t break.

Last but not least I just want to comment and pass along my opinion of Hollywood.  I believe there are several major problems with those people.  First are the writers that do their job with no good moral judgement and they are totally out of touch with reality.  They write what they feel people will like the most so they make money.  Regardless of what damage it does to society or how inaccurate it is.  Then you have the mindless actors that simply regurgitate what the writers give them with a little flare.  Unfortunately I don’t think most of them have the presence of mind to know the difference between the fantasy world they act in and the real world.  Or course this is all perpetuated by us.  Yep, we are the ones that keeping watching their shit and giving them ratings.  Not sure how to fix it and couldn’t if I knew.  Just my thoughts.

OK, more than enough for this week.  Blog at you again next week.

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