Week Ending 9/15/18

A very unusual week to say the least………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

9/9/18 – Sunday – Up early, usual morning routine and out to pick up Gary for church. Back home and laid down for awhile. Woke up three hours later at 1PM. Had lunch then downstairs to do the blog. Got a call from Gary’s wife who said he was acting strange. Advised her to call 911 and I got dressed and headed over. Ambulance was there already and Gary seemed fine. However, based on his wife’s story I suggested he be transported to the hospital. Took Loretta to the hospital and waited for him to be evaluated in the emergency room. He was admitted so I stayed with Loretta till they got him in his room. Took Loretta home and got home myself around 11:30. Bed, computer updates and sleep.

9/10/18 – Monday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Chores around the house. Kathy had a headache and stayed in bed most of the day. I got cleaned up around noon and headed over to the hospital to be with Gary and Loretta awhile. Then a stop on the way home at the bank and CVS. Since Kathy and I didn’t have a decent lunch I took her out to Cattleman’s Steak house for dinner. Home and chatted with Mike on 2 meters. Did some ordering online. Upstairs to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

9/11/18 – Tuesday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Chores then cleaned up and out to the hospital. Stayed till 4 then home. Took Kathy to Hometown Pizza for dinner. Home and chatted with Mike on 2 meters. Ordered some things then upstairs for a little dessert. To bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

9/12/18 – Wednesday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Cleaned up and downstairs to make the 2 meter retiree net. Then over to the hospital. Had lunch with Konnie, Gary’s daughter. Mike was there when I arrived. He left a little after lunch. I left around 4:30 and went to the church. Met Mike there and had dinner. Home and had dessert. Got a text from Loretta and needed to get some things over to Gary at rehab facility. Home and in bed. Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

9/13/18 – Thursday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Around 10:30 I got a call from the in-patient physical therapy facility said they sent Gary back to the hospital. So, I got cleaned up and headed over. Spent the day till around 3PM till he got discharged. Took him back to the rehab facility then ran over to his place to pick up some things for them and took them back to the rehab facility. Then home. Dinner and downstairs to chat with Mike on 2 meters. Hung out till the W4CN net and they didn’t have one. So, upstairs to bed. Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

9/14/18 – Friday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Was going to mow lawn today but changed my mind. Did chores around the house then to my room to catch up on paperwork and do some research. Had a light lunch. Then cleaned up and Kathy and I went out to the HAM clubs old timers dinner. Home, some dessert. Down to my room for computer updates. Bed, TV and sleep.

9/15/18 – Saturday – Up a little early since I went to bed early. Usual morning routine. Downstairs and checked emails. Then dressed and out to work on the lawn. Came in about 3:30PM. Cooled down and got cleaned up. Then out to Burger King for dinner. Stopped on the way home at Country Mart and and picked up things for dessert. Home and had a dish of ice cream. Then to bed, computer updates, research, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Most of my week involved taking care of my friend Gary.  As the chronology indicates, last Sunday late afternoon his wife called me and said he was acting strange.  Based on what she told me I suggested she call the ambulance.  He has had spells when he didn’t remember things but this time was somewhat different.  I went over to the house and EMS was in the process of packaging him for transport.  I took Loretta over to the hospital and we spent the evening with Gary in the emergency room.  Preliminary evaluation indicated he had a stroke.  Unfortunately they could not do an MRI to pin it down since he had a device in his chest to monitor glucose levels that needed a special tool to remove and that was at the house.  So, Loretta brought that to the hospital Monday morning, the device was removed, the MRI was done and it was confirmed he had a stroke.  It was very difficult for me to be with him on Monday.  He was very confused and not coordinated at all.  However, he improved rapidly.  He was on a floor in the hospital that was just for stroke patients.  The nurses all commented that they watch him improve hour by hour.  By Wednesday he was ready to be transported out to an inpatient physical therapy facility.  Friday they sent him back to the hospital because they were not used to his routine and he presented with signs he might be having another stroke.  The hospital ER ruled that out so I took him back to the facility.

The best time was Wednesday when I got to spend some time with his daughter Konnie.  She is an amazing lady.  Very intelligent and I think we get along well together.  We sort of ganged up on Gary on Wednesday and told him some things he probably didn’t want to hear.  Later he told his wife he didn’t want Konnie and I taking care of him at the same time because we ganged up on him.  So I guess that is the end of Konnie and I getting together.

So, for the most part I just relaxed and did things around the house on Friday.  I had intended to do the lawn but just wanted to relax.  So the lawn had to wait.  However, Friday night was the HAM club’s Old Timers dinner at Logan’s Steakhouse on the other side of town.  It was about a 45 minute drive but we had a good time.  A lot of different people getting together having a nice meal and some conversation.  I think Kathy enjoyed it as well with meeting some new people.

Otherwise we got the lawn mowed.  It wasn’t as big a chore this time as it wasn’t so high.  In the past it rained so much that we couldn’t do it until it was well past the point it should have been done.

That’s about it for this week.  Hope all was well with everyone.  Blog at you again next week.

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