Week Ending 9/29/18

A very busy but pleasant week……………………………

As always, first the chronology:

9/23/18 – Sunday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out to pick up Gary at the PT facility and to church. Back home and helped Kathy with some kitchen work. Downstairs and did the blog. Checked the radio and nothing happening. Back upstairs, lunch and over to the Morton building to get the truck ready to get Todd. Left a little before 2PM and headed toward the airport. Met Todd getting off the plane, got his luggage and headed home. Continued helping Kathy in the kitchen. Julie, Mike and the kids came over to have dinner. Played with the grand kids then to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

9/24/18 – Monday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Everyone was slow getting around this morning. But we all got cleaned up before lunch. After lunch Todd and I went to the shooting range. Then to the bank so folks there could meet him. Then home, dropped off guns and picked up Kathy. Went to St. Matthews mall for some shopping. Then to Oxmoor mall, New Balance store and Academy sports. Down to Taylorsville and had dinner at Hometown Pizza. Home and checked the radio. Did computer updates and cleaned guns. To bed, TV and sleep.

9/25/18 – Tuesday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Cleaned up and played radio. Had lunch and spent the afternoon chatting with Todd. Went up to Brownsboro road to Cabela’s to shop around for awhile. Then over to the Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner with Kathy, Julie, Mike and the grand children. Then home. Dessert, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

9/26/18 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time and a rush to get cleaned up. Kathy, Todd and I were out the door and up to meet Julie at Wild Eggs for breakfast. Kathy, Julie and Todd went shopping and I brought Kathy’s car back to the house. I got the truck filled up for Todd and parked it at the house. Pulled emails and did some other things till they got home. Had Todd look at my S&W 45 for a problem I was having. He couldn’t figure it out either so I packaged it up and took it into a gun smith. Back home and the kids were taking a nap. I did some things around the house. Julie woke up and went off to pick up her kids. Todd got up and took a shower to go out tonight. Kathy and I had a light dinner. Downstairs and computer updates. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

9/27/18 – Thursday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Help Kathy with household things till noon. Had lunch. Todd went to Bestbuy with me to by a Firestick. Kathy was gone to take care of grand kids when we got back. So Todd and I spent the afternoon learning about the Firestick and the RCA touch pad I gave Todd. Had dinner, finished watching a movie with Todd. Downstairs to pull emails and do computer updates. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

9/28/18 – Friday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Still having problems with internet so went to Bestbuy again and got an upgraded one. Came home and installed it. Had lunch and back downstairs to clean up the mess in my room and do computer updates. Cooked burgers and dogs for the crew for dinner. Julie, Mike and the grand kids came over. Finished things up downstairs then upstairs to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

9/29/18 – Saturday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Downstairs to pull email and order some things. Got all the dimensions ready for my table to put beside my ham desk. Checked on Kathy often as she wasn’t feeling good. Went over to Mike and Julie’s for dinner. Home, dessert to bed. Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

The best news this week was my son Todd coming to visit. He came in last Sunday and will stay till this coming Tuesday. He was suppose to have some friends come out from New York to attend a function with bands and vendors this weekend but the rains the beginning of last week caused problems with the area they were suppose to be at so the cancelled the event. Apparently it was a dump that they capped with clay then built the park on top. With all the rains it go muddy and they think the clay cap was compromised.

The visit has been great and very interesting. I had several opportunities to chat with him. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that. He “squared” me off on a few things and we learned some things together.

He is still the same guy.  When he was getting off the airplane he was chatting up a young lady.  She was a Captain in the Army JAG.  Todd ended up going out with her and a bunch of her friends during the week.  Has plans to go out with just her again sometime.  When we went shooting he was chatting up the lovely young range safety officer.  Just can’t keep the ladies away from him.

Todd wanted to try my 45 when we sent shooting.  After I cleaned it I was having a problem getting it back together.  Todd tried and had the same problem.  So I took that to a gun smith.  Needless to say they kept it.  I’ll give you the low down on that when I get it back.

Kathy was out playing with the daughter and grand kids on Friday when they came over.  She fell and did something to her leg.  It has been causing her some discomfort.  Seems to be slowly improving but gets stiff it she sits in one place too long.  Yesterday she tried taking a Hydocodon (SP?) to give her some relief but that just made her groggy and sick.  It wore off around 6 hours so she was OK.

My friend Gary came home last Wednesday.  I picked him up for church this morning.  He seems good.  Still doesn’t have his balance back.  Perhaps that will just take a more time.  I expect to go over this afternoon for our afternoon get together.

I have been fighting an intermittent cable problem here.  It doesn’t seem to bother the TVs but has been taking down the internet connection rather often and sometimes even hits the phone modem.  Since the internet modem is mine I bought a new one this week and installed it in place of the old one.  Still have the same problems.  I will call them tomorrow and have them check the signal level coming into the house.  According to the modem logs it appears to be down at the higher frequencies.

OK, that’s enough for this week.  I will blog at your again next week.  Everyone stay safe and have fun.  Bye for now.

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