Week Ending 11/24/18

A busy but productive week………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

11/18/18 – Sunday – Kathy went to church with Gary and me this morning. She had to play bells at the second service so I went in and picked her up at noon. Then to our friend Dee’s place for lunch. Home, nap, blog and computer updates.

11/19/18 – Monday – Took Kathy into Louisville for an appointment with the surgeon that is going to remove a thing from the back of her neck. Stopped at FDKY for lunch on the way home. Got my truck scheduled for maintenance and a recall next week. Ordered a motorcycle mount for my cell phone. Guy came to fix the dish washer. Chores around the house and bed.

11/20/18 – Tuesday – Up late this morning. Had a bad night with coughing. Went over to see my friend Bill Tooley, K4QFE at the rehab facility he is in. Had lunch with him and then up to Best Buy and picked up Julie’s computer. Home, a nap and dinner. Usual activities in the evening.

11/21/18 – Wednesday – Not a good day. Up and out for a hair cut. Then to the range to try out the newly repaired 45. Only got about 12 rounds out of it. Kept jamming. Stopped on the way home for McDonalds and pigged out. Felt like crap after eating it and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Kathy called and was on her way home. She started on me as soon as she got home without taking time to listen to me. I had enough and told her so and went downstairs and played radio. Did computer updates and looked at the 45. Then to bed and sleep.

11/22/18 – Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving. Up late, cleaned up and got things ready for the trip to Mike and Julie’s. Spent the afternoon. Good food, a lot of food, met some new people. Home and Kathy back out for Black Friday sales with Julie. I did computer work and bed.

11/23/18 – Friday – Up and out to visit my friend Bill. He was in OT when I arrived so I just asked the staff to let him know I had been there. Then dropped my gun off again for repair. Home and lunch. To the Morton building to finish up cleaning the mower deck and repair the tractor wagon. Inside for chores. Dinner, played radio. Bed, TV and sleep.

11/24/18 – Saturday – Mike came over early this morning and we changed headlight bulbs on his Land Rover. Checked fluids and tire pressure. Met the ladies and kids at Texas Roadhouse for lunch. Home and did some chores around the house. Took a nap. Snack for dinner and to my room to do computer things and listen to the radio. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

As luck would have it, Kathy scheduled the surgery to remove the thing on the back of her neck for Tuesday this coming week.  I called and must report for jury duty on Monday morning.  There has been 5 dates so far and all the trials were canceled.  And now I have to report.  I’m holding my breath that they won’t pick me or the trial will be quick so we won’t have a mess trying to get her into downtown Louisville and back on Tuesday.  Sometimes it feels like I can’t get a break.

I was disappointed with the repair on the 45 this week.  Finally got to go to the range and the thing jammed and the trigger seemed much more sensitive.  The range officer recommended a place to have it looked at but I figured since I spent the money I should take it back to the place that screwed it up.  Well see how they do this time.  If not to my liking I’ll go elsewhere.

Chatted with my friend from Pennsylvania this week.  Still planning on our trip to Florida in February.  And finally my 10 years in the Air National Guard payed off.  I can park my truck and trailer in a secured area of an Air Force Base in Georgia while I take the bike down to Florida.

We had a great Thanksgiving as always.  Kathy cooked and baked up a storm then we loaded everything in the car and up to Mike and Julie’s place.  It was the 3 grand kids, Julie, Mike, Kathy and Me.  Then Mike and Julie invited Ryan and his son and another couple from Julie’s work.  Had a good time.

Well that’s it for this week.  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  Blog at you again next week.

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