Week Ending 12/1/18

A very busy week.  A lot going on so hold on to your hat………………….

As always, first the chronology:

11/25/18 – Sunday – Up and over to pick up Gary for church. Home and usual snack. To my room to work on re-programming a radio. Short nap and off to Gary’s for afternoon get together. Home and out with Kathy to bank, Lowes and Burger King for dinner. Home, computer work, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

11/26/18 – Monday – Up and out to report for Jury Duty. Made out well. Home by 9:45. Ran errands then to my room to work on Gary’s radio. Lunch and more work and radio stuff. Nap. Got things ready for tomorrow. Dinner, met the guys on the radio. Bed, TV and sleep.

11/27/18 – Tuesday – Up and off at 7AM to take Kathy into Louisville to UofL Hospital to have a fatty thing taken off the back of her neck. All done and out of there by 12:30. Dropped off prescription for pain medication on the way home. Got her in bed and went to Taylorsville to pick up some Chinese to bring home for a late lunch. Took a nap and went up to CVS to pick up the pain medication. Chatted with the guys on the radio. Did computer updates. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

11/28/18 – Wednesday – Out to get the recall taken care of on the truck. Got oil and service while at the dealer. Home and took Kathy out for lunch. Home and worked in my room. Out for dinner at the church. Home, dessert, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

11/29/18 – Thursday – Spent most of the day fighting with online issues and doing online Christmas shopping. Nothing else exciting for the day.

11/30/18 – Friday – Waited around to call the dentist as Kathy lost another cap on a tooth. Then out for errands most of the day. Dropping off things for shipping and picking up things for Christmas. Ate lunch at Bob Evans while out. Home and Kathy went to dentist. I did some computer work and cleaned up my room a little. Too full from lunch for dinner so continued working on my room. Kathy went out this evening to help Julie with some Christmas things.

12/1/18 – Saturday – Chores in the morning. Out for lunch at FDKY and stopped to pick up my 45 from repair shop. Then to Mike and Julie’s to do some work for them. Home and short nap. Ordered pizza for dinner. Down to my office for computer updates. Bed, Big Bang, sleep.

Now the particulars:

I had jury duty Monday.  First time I was call.  The previous 5 trials were all cancelled.  I guess they were resolved before the trial came up.  But as a good citizen I went to court.  The original group of people were selected by a drawing and the judge started asking questions.  Do you know either of the people, do you know anything about what the trial is about.  He also indicated the trial would probably last two days and wanted to make sure that wasn’t a hardship on anyone.  As luck would have it I was chosen to replace a fellow who was dismissed for work issues.  He asked me if I had any issues and I told him my wife was having surgery the next day but I would work around that.  He told me he thought I should be with my wife and dismissed me.  I was to report at 9AM and I was leaving a free man at 9:45AM.

Kathy went to the University of Louisville hospital to have the lump removed from the back of her neck for the second time.  First time it was removed up in New York but it grew back.  Down here any surgery on the neck or above is done by a plastic surgeon.  Dr. Choo did the surgery.  A really nice guy.  She was done and we were on our way home but 12:30.  Everyone involved at the hospital was great.  I guess it helps that it’s one of the higher rated teaching hospitals in the country.  She was under general anesthesia since they had her laying on her stomach for the operation and with twisting her neck to get at things they didn’t want to take a chance on compromising her airway.  So her throat was a little sore and she spent the day recovering from the anesthesia.  She was a little sore for a couple days but very minor issues by the end of the week.  Monday next week we go back in town for her post-surgery appointment.

On the way home we dropped off her pain prescription at the CVS we normally deal with.  They are not in our plan but we liked the people we dealt with so we bit the bullet and went there anyway.  However, as of late things have been going down hill.  I told them it was pain medicine for my wife who just had surgery.  She got her last pain pill before we left the hospital at noon and she was to get one every 6 hours.  Told them I’d be back later to pick it up after I got my wife home and in bed.  I did some messing with our phone apps so I could track Kathy’s prescriptions and I waited.  By 4PM still had nothing to indicate it was ready for pickup.  So I called and she mumbled something and said it would be done within 20 minutes.  So I said great, I would be leaving shortly to come get it.  I waited awhile and then drove up to CVS.  Probably 1/2 hour after the call.  The prescription still wasn’t ready.  Had to wait for it.  Long story short, the best of places can turn bad with enough staff turnover.  Kathy really didn’t need the pain medication and only took a half pill Tuesday and Wednesday.  I think it’s time to start looking for another place to have our prescriptions filled.

The truck had a recall on the steering.  It seems the power steering would cut out for a second during low speed turns.  I never had it happen to me but thought I should have the update done.  While I had it at the dealer I had them do the oil change and service.  That was all taken care of Wednesday morning.

Kathy had been having issues losing caps off her teeth.  It has happened sever times this year.  And again this week she lost one that had been replaced last year on Derby Day.  Just another challenge for the week.

I finally gathered enough data and went over to fix up the mess caused by various vendors.  Mike installed a cabinet by Leviton to route all the phone, internet and TV cable through for distribution to the house.  The first problem was with Spectrum.  They apparently didn’t understand the distribution amp arrangement in the cabinet so they installed there own that would not allow the panel cover to be put back on.  Then the people came to do the media room and further complicated the issue.  So yesterday I went over and put things back on the original distribution amp and straightened things up so it looked nice and he could put the cover on.  Installation folks are not what they used to be.

Got my 45 back from the repair shop for the second time.  Looking forward to going to the range and trying it out this week again.

Getting plans formed for February.  Looks like I”ll be leaving here February 2nd and  meet up with Jim in Nashville, TN.  Then going to Macon, GA and parking our vehicles and off loading our bikes.  We plan to stay over night in Macon then head down to south Florida the next day.  Plan to take two days to go down.  Going to spend some time in the Homestead area then the following week head out to the Keys for a few day.  Plan on coming back Wednesday and probably start home Thursday.  It’s going to be a fun adventure.  I’ll keep you posted.

A bunch of other things happened this week but I think I got the highlights.  Probably a longer post than I’ve done lately.  Anyway, that’s it for this week.  Chat again next week.

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