Week Ending 12/8/18

A roller coaster week………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:
12/2/18 – Sunday – To church with Gary. Home and back in bed. Didn’t sleep well last night. Heart burn from late pizza dinner. Up and blog, over to Gary’s for Sunday afternoon get together. Home, took the truck for gas. To my room for computer updates. Dinner, more updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/3/18 – Monday – Chores in the morning then into Louisville for Kathy’s doctors appointment. Stopped at Chinese Buffet and Kroger on the way home. Getting a cold. Took a nap. Dinner, down to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates, bed, reading and sleep.

12/4/18 – Tuesday – Bad night last night. Very bad cold again. Took drugs and stayed in bed today.

12/5/18 – Wednesday – Getting worse. Out of breath and getting exhausted quickly. Time for the doctor. Gave me a Z-pak. That should get me better soon.

12/6/18 – Thursday – Much better today. Can’t believe the difference since yesterday morning. Went to get my hair cut and did some chores and errands. Play radio and made a power cable.

12/7/18 – Friday – Took it easy most of the day. Did some online shopping and cleaning up in my room. Went to the Derby Dinner Theater to see Holiday Inn this evening with Mike, Julie and some of Mike’s friends.

12/8/18 – Saturday – Very busy day. Up and chores in the morning. Then up to Mike and Julie’s after lunch to install another receptacle and a couple light on the wall in the media room. Then Mike came over and helped me get started on cutting the wood for my HAM bench addition. Took Mike back home came back and put things away. Had dinner then downstairs for computer updates. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now that particulars:

Most important this week was Kathy’s followup appointment for her surgery.  Doctor says everything is fine.  However, since the removed material was so large they want to send it out to a different lab for the biopsy.  So, another appointment in two weeks.  Still has sutures in place but all is well.

Got sick again.  I’m tired of this Ohio Valley crud as they call it around here.  A cold that settles in the chest and infect the sinus cavities.  Figured Wednesday that I need to see the doctor when I was so tired after taking a shower I had to lay down.  Got an appointment and he said lungs where congested and sinus cavities where full.  Gave me Azithromyacin this time.  Took the first two pills Wednesday and could not believe how good I felt Thursday morning.  That stuff should be called the miracle drug.  Anyway, now I just have the bullshit cold which I can deal with.  An inconvenience but doesn’t keep me from being functional.

I felt good enough to go to the Derby Dinner theater on Friday night.  We had reservations and tickets for a couple months.


This was what the theater looks like.  Everyone helps themselves to the buffet before the show starts.  Drinks and refreshments are served at your table as well as dessert which you can ask for at either the first or second intermission.  The show Friday night was Holiday Inn.  A group called the Foot Notes performed prior to the show and everything was fantastic.

This was Kathy and I on the left.  Top right is our daughter Julie and her husband Mike.  The lower left picture is two couples that joined us.  They were both in the guard with Mike and often come over to help him.  All good people.

Only other item of mention is that I got started on my shelf expansion project for my HAM room.  Mike came over awhile Saturday and got me started in the right direction.  That is going to take some effort this week but I’ll see what I can get done.  Need it by Christmas or shortly after as my gift is here already.  Of course I’m not allowed to open it till Christmas.  But I need the additional shelf space for it so that’s a good motivator.

Well that’s it for this week.  Blog at you again next week.

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