Week Ending 12/15/18

Did a lot of work this week………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

12/9/18 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Home, coffee, bagel and newspaper. Hosted the Sunday afternoon get together here. Kathy went shopping. Cleaned up around the downstairs. Computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/10/18 – Monday – Out in the Morton building most of the day cutting the notches in the legs for my new table in the HAM shack. Kathy was in one of her rare moods. Had an agenda and nothing will stop her.

12/11/18 – Tuesday – Busy day today. Up early and out to Mike and Julie’s to let the media guy in to do last minute adjustments to the media room electronics. Then some Christmas shopping. Called on the way home and Kathy was out food shopping. She got home and I took her to Mexican for lunch. Home and put up outside Christmas lights. A nap then dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters and help Kathy put up the Christmas tree in the family room. Computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/12/18 – Wednesday – The day from hell. Asked Kathy nicely to go with me to Lowes to get the last of the wood I need to finish my project. That all turned into a cluster fuck. She has been playing bitch all day and winning. Lowes did not have all the lumber I wanted. I came home to order a power supply from Jameco and they took my money from PayPal but did not process my order. Tried twice to resolve the issue over chat to no avail. Just sent them a nasty email. Has not been a good day.

12/13/18 – Thursday – Out to the range to try the 45. Now it won’t stay cocked when you work the slide. Really pissed with this situation. Blew away some 9mm to release some stress. Stopped over to Mike and Julie’s to drop off the bulbs I got for his wall lights in the media room. Stopped at CVS then home and lunch. Out to the Morton Building and worked on my HAM shack addition. In for dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Cleaned guns and made the W4CN nets. Bed, Big Bang and Sleep.

12/14/18 – Friday – Chores this morning. Lunch and out to the Morton building. Stripped a T-10 bit so went to Lowes to get another one. In the house and dinner. To my room, computer updates and some research. Chatted on the radio awhile. To bed, TV and sleep.

12/15/18 – Saturday – Up and out for breakfast with my Son-in-law. Did some shopping, dropped him off at his house and home. Had lunch, felt like shit so took a nap. Up and a snack. Then to my room and brought up the TS. Dinner, more computer work. Bed, Big Bang, Sleep.

Now the specifics:

Helped Kathy with Christmas decorations.  Of course when I asked for help she had other things to do.  I forgot all about the Christmas Nazis syndrome.  We are in full swing with that now.

I spent most of the week working on my shelf for the HAM room.

Shelf Frame

This is the beginning of the frame.  The left part will have two shelves underneath and of course there will be a full shelf across the top.  It is coming slow.  I have everything I need to finish this part but haven’t decided on the shelf to put on top.  I also made this 18″ deep as it was easy the last time I made a shelf to put on top.  But, it seems that neither Lowes or Homedepot carries the 18″ shelving I used the last time.  So, just a little more work with the saw.

Tried to order a power supply from Jameco.  I hate doing business with them as it always turns into some sort of mess.  This time I entered all the stuff on the website and it burped and said there was an error.  So, I did it again and got what appeared to be a message from Paypal indicating they had already paid the invoice.  Chatted with a person that eventually just disconnected me.  Got another person that said they would look into it and email me back.  Never heard anything so I sent them a nasty email with screen shots of everything.  Finally got confirmation on the order and received the power supply yesterday.

Took the 45 that I had in the repair shop twice to the range and it now acts like a single action gun.  I took it back to the repair shop and he told me it was suppose to be single action.  I told him it wasn’t when I brought it in the first time.  So, he is going to call Smith and Wesson and probably end up sending it to them for repair.  Can’t wait to get that bill.

Not sure what Mike has in mind but he invited me out to breakfast this Saturday.  I’m not sure if he just misses his dad or what the issues are.  Anyway, I went and acted like I enjoyed it.  There are other places I’d rather go eat but I was nice.  Went shopping after and picked up some Christmas presents for Julie and the wife.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Chat again next week.

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