Week Ending 12/22/18

A busy and productive week………………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

12/16/18 – Sunday – Did not go to church today as they have some wiz bang music thing scheduled and they did not have the 8:30AM service. Kathy went to the 11AM service. I went out to the Morton building and worked on my shelving unit. In for lunch and back out. Worked till time for the Sunday afternoon get together. Home and closed up the Morton building and gathered garbage. To my room for computer updates. Dinner, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/17/18 – Monday – Took Kathy into Louisville for a doctor’s appointment. The last one for the thing they removed from the back of her neck. All is good. Home and out to the Morton building to work on my shelving unit. Dinner, chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates, bed, reading, TV and sleep.

12/18/18 – Tuesday – Made some phone calls and got some things done. Lunch then out to the Morton building to work on the shelving unit for my HAM room. Kathy came out and helped awhile but had to come in to bake cookies. I finished the top shelf. Need to sand, finish and Polyurethane. Then install. In the house for dinner. To my room to chat on 2 meters and do computer updates. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/19/18 – Wednesday – Kathy had a problem with her computer. Asked me to look at it and I discovered virus scan had not been run for several months and there were several system updates outstanding. So, spent the majority of the day fixing the problems. Did have time to run to the bank and pick up Polyurethane, brushes and sand paper. Over and picked up Gary for dinner. It was the worst meal I’ve had at Dare to Care. Home and had dessert. Read a little. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep

12/20/18 – Thursday – Up and out for a hair cut. Went to Tea Pot and bought pastries to drop off at the hair place and post office. Home and had lunch. Did banking and read most of the day. Took Kathy to dinner at Moby Dick’s Seafood. Home and played radio. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/21/18 – Friday – Up and out to look for cables for my friend Gary. Home and started work on the shelves. Stopped to take Kathy to the Legacy for lunch. Back to work. Finished up and inside for a nap. Son-in-law called and invited us to dinner. Went to Mitchell’s Fish Restaurant. Home and computer updates. Bed, reading and sleep.

12/22/18 – Saturday – Spent most of the day in the Morton building finishing up my shelf. Wrapped presents. Dinner, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Took Kathy into Louisville on Monday for her final post-op doctor’s appointment.  All is well.  Biopsy came back negative, stitches were removed and all is done.  Doctor said there is no guarantee that it will not re-appear in 15 years or so.  Kathy told him she wouldn’t worry about it then.

HAM shelf

So here is the finished shelving unit to go in my HAM room.  The section with no shelves will go alongside the existing table and the section with shelves will extend to my right.  I plan to put my HAM computer, power supply and RF amps over there so they are out of the way.

HAM top shelf

This is the top shelf for the unit.  I didn’t want to put it on till I got things in the house.  I need to anchor the bottom section to the existing work area first then attach the top shelf.  I’m rather proud of my work.  Isn’t perfect but will serve the purpose it was designed for.

Plans are still a go for our motorcycle trip to southern Florida.  I expect to leave here February 1st or 2nd and meet up with my friend Jim from Bellwood, PA in Macon, GA on the evening of the 2nd.  We will leave our trucks and trailers there and ride the motorcycles down to Homestead, FL.  We expect that will take two days.  Then spend the rest of that week visiting our friend Stanley who has his motor home down there.  The following week we expect to travel out to the Keys and stay at the camp grounds on the naval facility out there.  Our plan is to return to Homestead on Wednesday and then start the reverse trip on Thursday.  I expect to be home Monday the 18th.

Last but not least is the Christmas preparations.  As of this writing everything is purchased, wrapped and under the tree.  The tree and all the other decorations are up and the house does look nice.  The plan is that Kathy and I are over to Mike and Julies by 6:30 AM on Tuesday to see the kids when they get up.  We will spend time there in the morning then come home.  We will start dinner here and Julie, Mike and the kids will come over here for dinner on Christmas day.  Todd will not be with us this year.  As a matter of fact we haven’t heard from him in more than a week so we are not sure what he is doing.

Well those are the important things that happened this week.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but a lot of effort went in to some things.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Blog at you again next week.

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