Week Ending 2/2/19

A busy week…………………………………………………………….
As always, first the chronology:

1/27/19 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Home, coffee, bagel and paper. To bed for a nap. Up and did blog then continued packing things for the trip. Dinner, computer updates, TV (No Big Bang) and sleep.

1/28/19 – Monday – Busy day today. Kathy had to make a dentist appointment because she lost a cap. So I went to the range to tryout the S&W 4516. Went to Academy and got some fresh white gas and the bank for traveling money next week. Came home and Kathy was still at the dentist. She got home and wasn’t interested in lunch so I had an egg sandwich. Then we went out to the Morton building and Kathy helped me put the hardware on the trailer to haul the motorcycle. Then up to CVS to get our second Hep. A shot. Home and chores. Dinner, down stairs to clean my gun and chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates. Bed, TV (No Big Bang) and sleep.

1/29/19 – Tuesday – Spent the day packing. Took a walk in the field to pick up garbage that is blowing around the area. Moby Dick’s for lunch. Played radio awhile. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/30/19 – Wednesday – School was cancelled today so Kathy was watching the grand kids. She lost her cap again so she brought them over for me to watch a couple hours. Went to dinner with the family at Hometown. Home and chatted with Mike on the radio. Computer updates, dessert, Big Bang and sleep.

1/31/19 – Thursday – Kathy was up and out early to babysit again as school was closed. I went to get my hair cut then played radio awhile. Had lunch and cleaned up in the kitchen. Watched some TV and re-organized things on my motorcycle. Dinner, chatted with Mike on the radio. Did some more packing. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

2/1/19 – Friday – Finished the packing. Truck is ready with trailer and motorcycle on trailer.

2/2/19 -Saturday – Drove the truck with motorcycle on the trailer to Robins, AFB in Macon, GA. Total mileage on the truck 516.5 miles, Met my friend Jim. Spent the evening catching up on things with Jim and getting our motorcycles ready for our trip.

Now the particulars:

Spent most of the week getting things ready for the trip to Florida.  I am on the road as I’m doing this blog.  So stay tuned.  The next two weeks might be short but I’ll do an entry just on the trip,

Enough for now


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