Week Ending 3/9/19

Not a well organized week………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

3/3/19 – Sunday – Up early to pick up Gary for church. Home, another bagel, coffee and read the paper. Kathy came home and we had a light lunch then started preparing for people to come over for dinner. Julie, Mike, the grand children, Ryan and Dee all had dinner at our place. Practiced with Shelby for her talent show. Then worked some more on the new logging program.

3/4/19 – Monday – Finished up the work on the song for Shelby’s talent show. Sent Julie a copy and made a CD for them. Then migrated all my contacts over to the new logging program. Played radio in the afternoon. Dinner and chores around the house.

3/5/19 – Tuesday – Up late and cleaned up. Kathy and I went shooting. Then dropped off a package at UPS then to Olive Garden for a late lunch. Stopped for some groceries on the way home. Unloaded things at the house. Cleaned the guns and did other chores. Chatted on the radio awhile. A snack for dinner, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/6/19 – Wednesday – Up and out for a hair cut. Kathy was already gone to take care of sick grand daughter. Came home did chores around the house and played radio. Kathy came home with grand daughter. Lunch. Kathy went to cook at Dare to Care so I watched the grand daughter till time for me to go. Her mother picked her up at the church. Helped cleanup, home, computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/7/19 – Thursday – Kathy got called again today for babysitting. Seems the teachers had a sick out here to protest the state’s action relative to their retirement. So, I was delegated to domestic services. Thursday is the day we change the sheets on the bed. The sheets get washed so I did all the other laundry. Also cleaned up the kitchen. Played radio this evening.

3/8/19 – Friday – Up late and chores. Then out shopping at Lowes and stop at Cattleman’s Roadhouse for lunch. Home, some radio and more chores. Got a call from the Rice family that they want to have dinner at Maggi’s. A short nap and out for dinner. Home, computer updates and radio. Bed and sleep.

3/9/19 – Saturday – Up early and over to my Son-in-law’s place. Went out to breakfast with Son-in-law and grand son. Home and nap. Lunch then to my room to clean up paperwork and start getting tax papers together. Light dinner, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

All three grand children are going to be in a talent show later this month.  Carter is going to break boards with his Karate skills,  Chloe is going to do a dance and Shelby is going to sing a song.  I was asked if I would play the piano for her.  I got lucky with the family being told that I could not be on stage playing the piano but I could make a CD for her.  So, I downloaded the music and it was terrible.  Not what I like.  I had to go get some help from a professional piano teacher to figure out some of the rythmes.  Anyway, last Sunday everyone came over and we figured out what they wanted and I spent Monday morning getting all the stuff hooked up to record it and made the recordings.  I made one a little faster than the other.  Turns out that one was a few seconds short of 2 minutes while the other was a few seconds longer.  The time limit is 2 minutes.  In any event I got it done then destroyed the music as I have no desire to ever play it again.  I’ll give you a report when I see the talent show.

I got the new logging software working this week.  I can now access my logs from anywhere as they now reside in a MySQL database on my Linux server.  There are also many backup files kept on each individual machine.  I got all my old stuff ported over and everything appears to be working OK.  It is suppose to do some automatic online updating that isn’t working right now but I will pursue that later this week when I have time.

The radio bands have been up and down all week.  Sometimes they are very good but it doesn’t last long and they deteriorate to crap.  I did make some new country contacts and chatted shortly with a guy at NAS Gitmo last night.

I spent some time this week doing domestic duties.  Kathy was stuck two days watching grand children so I feel obligated to do my part and fill in here at the house.  Didn’t want her doing all that work and then come home to a mess.  So Thursday was my day to change bed clothes, do laundry and clean up the kitchen.

I want to thank everyone that has been commenting on my blogs recently.  It is much appreciated.

That’s it for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone and wish you a great week to come.  Bye for now.

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