Week Ending 5/11/19

Not a very exciting week, this should be short……………………………
As always, first the chronology:

5/5/19 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Home and did the blog. Kathy came home and we went to Hillview restaurant for lunch. Back home and did computer system updates and monthly backups. Got all my HAM log files up to date and sent in. Up and a short nap then out to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and out with Kathy to the Olive Garden to have dinner with the Rice family. Home and chores. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

5/6/19 – Monday – Slow getting up and some chores around the house. Then into Oxmoor mall to Lense Crafters for my glasses. Made some stops on the way home. Had lunch then out on the motorcycle. Rode a little over 90 mile. Back to the house for dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters and did computer updates. Bed, TV and sleep.

5/7/19 – Tuesday – Up early and some chores. Then out to do the yard work. In, cleaned up and off for voter poll officer training. Did some shopping after the class then home. Chores, computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

5/8/19 – Wednesday – Slow getting started this morning. Am hurting a little from all the work in the yard yesterday. Did chores around the house and got cleaned up. Waited till Kathy was almost ready to leave to Dare to Care and I went out, did some shopping and picked up a cake and candles for Kathy’s birthday. Came home and made some phone calls. Julie wanted to bring everyone to the church to celebrate Kathy’s birthday. So I took the cake with me to pick up Gary. Julie got the cake out of the car and brought it in with her. I took Gary back home and headed home myself. Helped Kathy unload the car and put things away. To my room for computer updates. Then gathered tools and material to take to Gary’s house tomorrow to do a few chores. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

5/9/19 – Thursday – Up and cleaned up. Loaded my tools and over to Gary’s to help him get some things straightened up associated with their move. Home and took Kathy to Hillview restaurant for lunch. Home and changed the front end of Kathy’s lawn mower so she can set the height again. Inside and played radio. Dinner, more radio. Upstairs, dessert, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

5/10/19 – Friday – Up very late. Did chores around the house. Out to the Morton building and worked on mowers and my antenna. inside and Kathy went to the church for the fish fry. I went to Taylorsville and picked up dinner at McDonalds. Came home and shared with the dog. Then played radio. Kathy came home. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

5/11/19 – Saturday – Not an exciting day. Did chores around the house, did some maintenance in the Morton building and worked on my antenna. Took the wife to dinner at Cracker Barrel then shopping at Rural King and Walmart. Home, unpacked, computer updates, bed, TV and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Wednesday was Kathy’s birthday.  I already gave her money when we got our federal tax return for her to buy a new hutch.  I got her a card to open in the morning.  Then when she left to go cook at Dare to Care I went out and got her a cake at Walmart and had it decorated.  I was going to have it for her when she came home from Dare to Care.  I called Julie and asked if she and the grand kids wanted to come over but she said she was going to call me anyway as the grand kids wanted to come eat at Dare to Care to celebrate Kathy’s birthday.  So, I took the cake with me so Julie could bring it in with her when they all arrived.  I think Kathy was pleasantly surprised.  And she has been enjoying the cake all week.

Got all the recalls caught up on the Vibe so I started with getting an appointment to have the annual maintenance done on the motorcycle.  That will go over to the dealer on Tuesday this week and will get it’s work done Wednesday.  Hope to get it back late Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Tuesday this week we went into Taylorsville for our polling officer training.  We will be at the polls all day for the primary which is the 21st from around 5AM till the polls close at 6PM.  Then we do it all again in November for the general election.  It’s a fun thing to do and we get to meet some interesting people.

I got a surprise text message through Facebook this week from a couple we knew when we lived in Camp Hill, PA and worked in Harrisburg.  We haven’t gotten a chance to get back to them but will do that soon.  This should be an interesting story.

I told you it wouldn’t be long this week.  Thanks to all that take the time to read my blog.  Hope all is well with everyone and have a great week.  Bye for now.

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