Week Ending 6/1/19

Welcome to June, a lot happened this week………………….

As always, first the chronology:

5/26/19 – Sunday – Did computer updates, backups and played with a new Unix program call Motion most of the day. Went over to Gary’s in the afternoon for the Sunday afternoon get together. Continued working on Motion till late evening.

5/27/19 – Monday – Up early and helped with chores around the house to get ready for the Rice family at lunch time. Had lunch then out to the pool for the afternoon. In and cleaned things up. Light dinner. Chatted on 2 meters and made some European contacts on 20 meters. Computer updates. Upstairs to bed, some reading and sleep.

5/28/19 – Tuesday – Up and loaded tools. Over to Gary’s to work on phone system. Got the CAT5 cable in but no phone cables in the furnace room. I’m getting very tired of this. Home a little after lunch. Kathy was out taking care of Shelby and came home shortly after me. Had dogs on the grill for lunch. Took a nap. Then downstairs to work on Motion. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Upstairs, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

5/29/19 – Wednesday – Up and did chores around the house. Did some cleaning in my room. Moved the Motion software I have been playing with off the test machine and put it on my HAM computer. Did all the web stuff to get things over on that. Hopefully more reliable now. Place we take Bella for grooming lost power today in the middle of working on Bella. So I had to cancel my night out with the boys so I could be here to pick her up when she was done. Kathy went to Dare to Care to cook. I finished things up with the new cams. Kathy brought me a Subway sandwich for dinner. Did more chores then to bed, computer updates, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

5/30/19 – Thursday – Up and out to get my hair cut. Home and helped Kathy with chores awhile. Then took Kathy to the Hillview for lunch. Home and started cleaning things up in the shack. Got the desk cleaned and removed the computer I wasn’t using anymore and returned my test equipment to where they should be. Actually got to work awhile on my antenna. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters then played radio awhile. Computer updates. Upstairs for dessert. Then bed, Big Bang and sleep.

5/31/19 – Friday – Up and over to Gary’s to try a few more things with his telephone. Then home and picked up the wife. Over to Shelbyville for lunch and shopping. Home and some pool work and work in the garden. Light dinner, downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates. Bed, reading, TV and sleep.

6/1/19 – Saturday – Up at usual time and cleaned up. Downstairs and started to work the Kentucky QSO party that runs from 10AM to 10PM. Worked on cleaning up the workbench when bands went dead. Knocked off about 9. Computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now for the particulars:

Like I said last week, I am again disappointed with organized religion.  I just don’t know why it has to be this way.  I tired it again and have been going regular as clock work.  However, given recent events I an not going.  End of another saga.

Spent a lot of time in the shack working on a number of things.  First and foremost was my success with a software package called Motion.  It is a cam server that does many things and runs on Unix.  I got that moved over to my HAM computer and did the coding to serve up a web page.  So now you can see live video of my HAM shack by clicking the link on my ‘Hobbies’ or ‘Cams’ page from my website.   I also have a link from my QRZ page.  This also allowed me to remove a windows computer that was on my shack desk and make room for my test equipment again.  That allowed me to get back to my antenna project.  In the process I also got the room cleaned up.  Even vacuumed the carpet.

Had an interesting event last Wednesday.  Kathy took our dog Bella down to the groomers for her usual trimming.  We had some thunderstorms come through and it knocked out power at the groomers.  Bella was half done.  So, we originally had it planned that we would get her back mid afternoon but they could not promise she would be done until late afternoon or early evening.  So, I had to cancel my weekly dinner with the guys so I would be able to go pick her up.

Monday was Memorial Day.  We hosted the noon meal and the Rice family came over.  Had steak and all the fixing.  Very good meal.  Then out to the pool.  Had a great day.  Also heard from my friends in DC.  It seems they had massive numbers of people arrive for Rolling Thunder and the permit was only good for a fixed period of time.  So, when it was time they re-opened the streets to traffic even though all the bikes had not completed the run.  Our President has said it will stay in DC but the organizers have not been so quick to agree to that.  Time will tell.

Still have not found an answer to Gary’s DSL modem issue.  I presented a solution this week but it will require negotiation with the grand son that is moving in upstairs.  Time will tell.

I was getting things organized and doing my usual end of the month routine last Friday when I noticed that yesterday was the Kentucky QSO Party on the radio.  So I spent most of the day doing that.  When the bands died I continued with the clean up efforts in the room.  All in all a good and productive day.

That’s it for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Chat again next week.

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