Week Ending 10/19/19

A rather busy week……………………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

10/13/19 – Sunday – Kathy was up and out at 8AM for church. I got up and usual morning routine. Downstairs and did some research and sent some emails. Did computer updates and the blog. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Cleaned things up a little and cleaned my gun. Upstairs and took a nap. Up and downstairs to play radio. Kathy was out shopping with Julie. She came home and I helped put groceries away. Had dinner. House chores. Bed, some work on my Arduino project, Big Bang and sleep,

10/14/19 – Monday – Up early and usual morning routine. Fixed Kathy’s cellphone email problem. Downstairs to play radio. Did chores around the house then lunch. Took a nap. Up and out to election officer training. Stopped at Hometown Pizza for dinner. Home and dessert. Bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

10/15/19 – Tuesday – Up and usual morning routine. Kathy went shopping and I went to my room to play with the Arduino. Up and had lunch and back to my room. Kathy came home and I helped put things away. Took a nap. Up and had dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Then played radio awhile. Upstairs to bed, TV, computer work and sleep.

10/16/19 – Wednesday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. My friend Mike was having work done on his car so I went over to Taylorsville and picked him up. Did some errands then to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. Back to the house and did some things till his car was ready. Took him over to pick up his car. Back to the house and played radio till Kathy came home. Dinner, back downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer work, to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

10/17/19 – Thursday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Out for hair cut and run errands. Home and chores. Lunch. To my room to do some research on garage door openers. Gave up and ordered some magnetic proximity switches and relays from Allelectronics. Then out to pick up Gary. We all had dinner at Bob Evans. Home, put truck away and inside. To bed, Big Bang, computer research and sleep.

10/18/19 – Friday – Up early. Kathy got called to go up and watch the grand kids while Julie took Mike to the hospital. He was having some physical problems. Did chores around the house. Got a call just before noon to meet everyone at Bob Evans for lunch. Home and more chores. My friend Stan arrived around 5:30PM. Got him squared away then out to Mexican for dinner. Home and sat around chatting and planning our time. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

10/19/19 – Saturday – Up early. Cleaned up and out for usual morning routine. Chatted with Stan awhile, then out to start closing the pool. While waiting for things to circulate in the pool we worked on a minor problem with Stan’s motor home and put up Halloween lights. Then out for dinner at Olive Garden. Back, Kathy and Stan watched football on TV, I went to bed, did computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Got all the pictures together from our visit to Texas.  Haven’t had time to sit down and write up the blog entry.  Stay tuned for further developments on that.

Monday evening we went for our mandatory election poll officers training.  Not much different but it’s required by law that we go every election.

My son-in-law Mike had some medical issues this week.  Thought he had kidney stones so Julie took him to the hospital.  They didn’t do much for him and sent him home.  Things didn’t improve so Julie took him to another hospital.  They couldn’t find anything either so he has an appointment with a urologist next week.

I couldn’t find a way to integrate my Arduino garage door project with the existing garage door openers and there doesn’t seem to be a good reliable way to access any of the sensors.  So, I got online with Allelectronics out in California and ordered some magnetic proximity switches to sense where the garage door is and some relays to emulate pushing the button to open and close the garage door.  Everything else will be done in software.

My friend Stan is here.  We stayed with him in February this year when we were down in Florida City, FL.  He was at his son’s place in Michigan so he drove his motor home down here for a couple days.  I gave him some wrong directions and he ended up down a one way road.  So, I went over and we unhitched his sling shot.  He drove the sling shot over to the house and I towed the hitch over.  Then we just had to go back and retrieve the motor home.  It’s now parked safely in the driveway to the Morton building.  Stan said he will stay around till Wednesday next week but the motor home has a hydraulic leak so we need to figure out if that needs attention before he continues.  Time will tell.  Just taking it a day at a time.

After much procrastination we finally got the pool closed yesterday.  While we waited for chemicals to circulate in the pool we fixed a minor problem in Stan’s motor home.  One of the cabinet doors came open and things spilled out.  Also got the Halloween lights up on the front porch for Kathy.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Will blog at you again soon.  Bye for now.

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