Week Ending 10/26/19

Hang on, this may be a long one……………………….

10/20/19 – Sunday – Up early. Had breakfast with Stan. Chatted till Kathy came home. Then out shopping and lunch at Burger King. Home and worked at cleaning up the fluid on the engine in Stan’s motor home. Then out in the Sling Shot. Got it cleaned at the car wash. Then over to Mike and Julie’s for them to meet Stan and the kids to see the Sling Shot. Home and left overs for dinner. Chatted some more. Had floats for dessert. Stan went back to the motor home. I went to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

10/21/19 – Monday – Up early. Had breakfast with Stan. Chatted awhile. Then took down the canopy on the back deck. Over to the motor home and checked for hydraulic leaks. Looks like it’s an auxiliary tank for the motorcycle lift. Out to Walmart to pick up some oil then Wendy’s for lunch. Then a tour of downtown Louisville. Stopped at the cycle shop so Stan could get a Harley shirt with Louisville on it. Then to Mega Caverns. Stan did the Zip Line and Kathy and I did the tram ride. Stopped at Bob Evans on the way home for a late dinner. Home a little after 9PM. Bed, TV, computer updates and sleep.

10/22/19 – Tuesday – Up early. Had breakfast with Stan and chatted awhile. Stan got some news that the folks in Georgia didn’t want him to come by. So he is staying here till next week. I played radio awhile this morning. Then lunch and out shopping with Stan. Home and fabricated some brackets for the Sling Shot. Then out for some R&R and dinner at Hooters. Home and bed. Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

10/23/19 – Wednesday – Up early. Had breakfast with Stan and chatted. Kathy and I let Stan here and headed up toward Cincinnati to meet Terry (Kathy’s brother) and his wife. They had some things for us. I bought lunch. Back by 2:30. Kathy went to the church to cook for trunk-or-treat. I went to Kroger to pick up a prescription and get info on shots. Home some computer work. Then fixed dinner for Stan and me. Downstairs but nobody was on the radio. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

10/24/19 – Thursday – Up early and breakfast and chat with Stan. Kathy was already gone to watch the grand children. Did some research on Shingles shots. Then over to Gary’s and installed some coax for him. Then down to meet Kathy and the Grandchildren at Dairy Queen for lunch. Spent the afternoon installing sensors and control leads to the garage doors at the house. Then dinner at Hillview Restaurant. Home and chatted with Gary and Mike on 2 meters. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

10/25/19 – Friday – Up early and breakfast and chat with Stan. Kathy was gone again to watch the grandchildren. Stan worked on his motor home while I did some work on the garage door controller. Kathy came over with the grandchildren and we had lunch. Kathy baked with them then over to the Morton building and the kids got to ride the Segways and they all got a ride in the Sling Shot. Mike came and picked up the kids. Kathy cooked Stan and me steak and baked potatoes. Great dinner. Down and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Upstairs for dessert. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

10/26/19 – Saturday – Up early and breakfast and chat with Stan. Tried to chat with Jim on the radio but bands are not good. Stan went out to the motor home and I started working on the garage controller. Had lunch. Finished up the controller but now have a problem with the LAN layout in the house. Must fix that to get things working. Kathy made a tremendous dinner. I went back to my room and payed some bills and did some research. Had dessert. Bed, TV and sleep.

Now the particulars:

My friend Stan arrived Friday two weeks ago and was planning to hang around a few days then continue his travels to Florida with a stop in Athens, GA and Jacksonville, FL.  This week he got word that the folks in Georgia had some issues and it would not be convenient for him to stop.  So he decided to stay here for the week.

We had many things to keep us busy.  His motor home developed a leak that appeared to be hydraulic fluid.  We spent some time cleaning that up as it was all over the inside of the engine compartment and his Sling Shot that he was towing.  BTW, a Sling Shot is a three wheeled vehicle (Two in front and one in back) that looks like a bat mobile.  It has no top and in most states is considered a motorcycle.  We isolated the problem to the auxiliary tank that held the fluid to operate the motorcycle lift on the back of the motor home.  A new clamp in place and that resolved that problem.

This is the first time he has been towing the Sling Shot and another problem he encountered was the positioning of the tail lights on the Sling Shot.  In most states the towing of the Sling Shot is just like a trailer.  It must have lights on it.  Most of the Sling Shot is plastic so there is few places to put the magnetic tail lights.  So we fabricated some brackets to attach to the frame that was metal and would provide a visible place for the tail light.

Stan likes to stay busy for the most part so as a pay back for helping him fabricate the brackets he cleaned my Morton building.  It was a beautiful job.  Never been so clean.

Monday we took him around town.  Showed him downtown Louisville.  We stopped by the Harley dealership so he could get a T-shirt that said Louisville on it.  Then to Mega Caverns for him to do the zip line.  Neither Kathy or I was interested in the zip line so we took a tram ride through the caverns and learned about it’s history.  Was a long but fun day.

Wednesday we let Stan to fend for himself and we drove up to Walton, KY to meet Kathy’s brother and wife.  It was good seeing them.  We had some things for them and they had some things for us.  Was a good trip.  I think we need to do that at least once a month.

The grandchildren were off school this week so Kathy kept them Thursday and Friday.


Chloe wanted to do some backing so Kathy gladly made some pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.  Carter and Chloe both helped.

Stan had a couple Segways so he got them out.  Those are the things Paul Bart the mall cop rode.  All three kids as well as Kathy got to try them.  Everyone did well.  Shelby needed a little more help but Carter, Chloe and Kathy all managed them well. And of course they all got rides around the property in the Sling Shot AKA Bat Mobile.

I got into checking things on shots.  I was told I should probably get flu, pneumonia and shingles shots.  So, I checked at the pharmacy we do business at and found out our flu and pneumonia shots are fully covered but the shingles shot is $148.  I checked around and that is about the cheapest.  They don’t have the high dose flu vaccine yet so I’ll wait for that to get my flu and pneumonia shots.  Haven’t decided about the shingles yet.

Got to do a lot of work on my garage door project.  Stan helped one day get the sensors and all the wires run for them and the control lines.  Also got the coding complete for the controller.  Ran into a little glitch when trying to access the controller over the internet.  Need to do some rearrangement of the LAN in the house to make it work.  But things are progressing.

Tried to make it a point to get on the radio this week.  Bands really stink.  I did make some contacts to Europe.  Spoke briefly with a friend in Estonia.  Also tried to talk to my friend Jim in central PA but again things did not cooperate.

Well that’s been our busy week.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Chat with you again next week.

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