Week Ending 12/14/19

Not an exciting week………………………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

12/08/19 – Sunday – Slept in this morning then usual morning routine. Downstairs to do the blog. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Downstairs for some computer work then up and cleaned up and out for the afternoon get together. Home and picked up Kathy. Went for Chinese for dinner. Some shopping. Home, computer updates. Dessert, bed, research, TV and sleep.

12/09/19 – Monday – Up early, usual morning routine and out to finish up the Christmas shopping. Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got everything I wanted to get without too much anguish thanks to the lovely ladies working there. Stopped at Kroger for some things on the way home. Unloaded the truck and in for lunch. Kathy was up very early this morning to take Julie to have some things cut off her head. I cleaned things up in the house and went in for a nap. Two spam phone calls and a call from Kathy didn’t allow me too much sleep. Kathy came home and crawled in and started snoring so I gave up and got up. Downstairs for computer work then upstairs to clean up the kitchen. Had dinner, downstairs to chat on 2 meters, played radio awhile and did some computer updates. Upstairs, chores, bed, TV and sleep.

12/10/19 – Tuesday – Up late. Did not sleep well last night. Downstairs to work on software for Gary’s configuration. Broke around 3PM and had late lunch/early dinner with Kathy. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters and installed Linux Mint on a computer. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/11/19 – Wednesday – Up early and usual morning routine. Waited for the guy from Morris Electric to do the annual maintenance on the Generac. Then over to Lowes to pick up some boxes to wrap Christmas presents. Home and took Kathy to the Hillview for lunch. Kathy was off to a doctor’s appointment and I went over to Gary’s to do some work. Home and played radio. Dinner and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Played radio awhile and did computer updates. To bed, Big Bang, sleep.

12/12/19 – Thursday – Up late, didn’t sleep well last night. Kathy was out and back with Shelby already. I continued to work on Gary’s issues most of the day. Kathy took Shelby over and picked up the other grand kids. Otherwise nothing exciting. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/13/19 – Friday – Continued my efforts today working on Gary’s problems. Have a few ideas. Kathy went again to pick up the kids after school. I went into J-town to assist with the HAM testing session. Home and picked up Kathy and went to Hometown Pizza for a late dinner. Home, chores, bed, TV and sleep.

12/14/19 – Saturday – Up late. Kathy went out to help Julie get the Grand Kids picture taken with Santa Claus. I finished the laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. Had lunch. Downstairs for computer work. Upstairs and cleaned up. Kathy came home and had dinner. Then helped Kathy with some things on her computer. Downstairs for computer updates. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Most notable this week was Shelby being sick on Thursday.  She was running a temperature so Julie decided to keep her home.  She seemed fine so apparently it was just a 24 bug.  I spent some time with her and had fun.  But I’m concerned that she is losing weight.  She is so skinny.  A by product of the medication she is taking.  It causes her not to be hungry.

This has got to be a landmark year for me.  Here it is almost two weeks before Christmas and I have almost all the shopping done.  Just need to pick up a card yet.  Otherwise, with the exception of 3 items I ordered from L.L. Bean I have everything and the items from them shipped this weekend.  I went to Lowes and bought some packing boxes to put the larger items in.  I still don’t have a box big enough for the pan set she wanted so perhaps I’ll go get one larger box.  Should have everything wrapped by the end of this week and it’s done.

Wednesday this week the guy from Morris Electric came to do the annual maintenance on the Generac generator.  I think this is the last year we are covered under the warranty.  I’ll have to call and check.  I’m not sure if I want to do it myself now or just continue having them come do it.  I did have them replace the start battery as it’s been 5 years.  That is what is recommended for a standby system.  And it’s not as large or heavy duty as a car battery.  So it was time.

Friday evening I went into J-town to help with the HAM testing.  Being so close to Christmas only one person showed up.  A young gentleman that had obviously studied well as he got over 90% on the test.  We encouraged him to try for the General class but he hadn’t studied and failed it miserably.  But, on the bright side, we have a new HAM in the community now.

Gary’s project is turning into a real challenge.  I test things out here at the house then take them over to Gary’s and they don’t work.  Everything over there has been so bastardized that it makes it difficult.  I have the software loaded on all the computers but for some reason when the connection is established it immediately drops.  I now have a router I dug out of the junk box to put between his stuff and rest of the local network so we are sure of not duplication IP addresses.  I will also take a spare machine that I know works here and has the far end software on it.  So, I should be able to definitely isolate where the problem is on my next trip over.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Hope this finds everyone well and ready for Christmas.  Everyone have a great week to come and I”ll blog at your again next week.

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