Week Ending 3/20/21

Not a bad week……………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

3/14/21 – Sunday – Up a little late with the time change.  Downstairs to do the blog.  Kathy went to church.  Finished with the blog and started checking clocks.  Got cleaned up and had lunch.  Computer work till time to go to Gary’s for the afternoon get together.  Home and dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/15/21 – Monday – Up very early and out to a spine doctor’s appointment at 8:15AM.  Stopped at the bank and home to pick up Kathy.  In to pick up my new glasses at Lense Crafters.  Down to Walmart on the Outer Loop to pickup a snow shovel as a gag gift for Julie’s birthday.  Went to Hooter’s for lunch and they don’t open now till 3PM.  So went over to the Hillview and they are closed on Monday.  So stopped at Bob Evans and had lunch.  Up to Kort to schedule my physical therapy and they gave me a ration of shit.  So didn’t do that today.  Home and got things put away.  Took a nap.  Up for dinner and usual evening routine.

3/16/21 – Tuesday – Up early and out to have my blood drawn.  The doctor wants to see how my TSH is doing now that he increased my Levothyroxin dosage.  Home and played radio awhile.  Checked into two nets.  Bands were up and down.  Kathy was off to run errands so I had a snack for lunch.  Then out on the motorcycle for a couple hours.  Rode a little shy of 90 mile.  Home and a nap.  Up, chores and dinner.  Great meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and corn biscuits.  A meal fit for a king.  Then the usual evening routine.

3/17/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Checked radio bands and they sucked.  Made an appointment for physical therapy starting next week.  Then cleaned up and snack for lunch.  Out to pick up Gary for a doctor’s appointment.  Took all afternoon.  Home and picked up Kathy.  Went to my friend that runs WTR computer and bought a new laptop to replace the old HP I use for HAM stuff.  Then to dinner at the Long Horn.  Home and usual evening routine.

3/18/21 – Thursday – Up early.  Kathy was up getting ready to go watch the grandchildren.  Did some work on the new laptop then cleaned up and out for hair cut and some shopping at Country Mart.  Home and continued working on the new laptop.  Made a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for lunch.  Took an hour nap.  Kathy came home and we had left overs for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/19/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Worked on my new computer this morning.  Got cleaned up and Kathy and I went over to Shelbyville for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Then to Rural King for some shopping.  Stop at Tractor supply on the way home.  Some more work on the computer.  Light snack for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/20/21 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Did some more computer work.  Julie was over and dropped off Carter while she took the girls to get their hair cut.  She picked up lunch at McDonald’s on her way home.  They left and I helped Kathy make Scalloped Potatoes.  Then a nap.  Up and out to Mitch’s Fish Market for dinner with the Rice family.  Over to their place and had cake and coffee to celebrate Julie and my birthday.  Home and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

I guess the biggest thing that happened this week was Julie and I both had birthdays. Julie’s was Thursday the 18th and mine was Friday the 19th. We celebrated together on Saturday night when Mike took us all out to dinner at Mitch’s Fish Market. Very nice place with excellent food. Here are some pictures of the evening.

My legs have been bothering me. Nothing major but I don’t want it to get to be a big problem, so I made an appointment with the Leatherman’s Spine Institute where I normally go. Saw one of their nurse practitioners. She had some X-rays done and said she saw some deterioration but nothing notable. Ordered an MRI that she needed to get me shots in the back and gave me a prescription for physical therapy. Kathy and I were running around Monday so I mad a stop at the KORT where I usually go for PT. As I got out of the truck it started to rain and was cold. I read a note on the door that said to call a phone number for access. I did and the bimbo behind the counter inside told me she couldn’t let me in without an appointment. I explained that I was there to get an appointment and she told me to go back to my vehicle and she would make it. Well that was enough of that bullshit. I calmed down by the next day and decided to schedule the appointment on line to circumvent the dumb bimbo at the counter. Filled in the information requested and never got a call. So Wednesday I made an appointment with another PT outfit. Chloe has been there and Julie was pleased. When I looked at their information, they have more credentialed people on staff than KORT. Still settling down but will write a nice letter to KORT letting them know how I feel.

Got my new glasses Monday. Not much to tell you about that. Rather boring these days.

Got out on the Motorcycle Tuesday for a couple hours. Rode just shy of 90 miles. Felt good to get out.

Kathy bought me a new used laptop for my birthday. The one I use in the bedroom has problems turning on occasionally. You have to disconnect it from the wall, remove the battery and push and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds then put the battery back and plug it in. It’s an older HP so it’s time is short. I got a nice used Dell from my buddy at WTR computers with an I7 processor, plenty of RAM and disk storage. A nice big screen with a headset all for $450. I think that was pretty good.

Friday we took a trip to Rural King and had lunch on the way at Cracker Barrel. Got a roller for my lawn tractor, some grass seed, a couple pair of new jeans for $10/each, and Kathy got some plants and cards. Then over to Tractor Supply for some straw. Monday this coming week I plan to rototill the area where the dirt pile was and seed that. Then I’ll run the tractor around the front yard with the spreader on the back and do some over seeding. Need to get some weed and feed and spread that as well. Try to make the place look a little better as the yard goes.

That’s about the most notable things that happened this week. Got some nice calls and texts on my birthday which I appreciated very much. I’m getting some people signing up for the recipe site so I’ll have a lot of new recipes to try. Thanks for those that did that for me.

As always, hope this finds everyone well and healthy. It looks like more and more people are getting their COVID vaccine shots as it becomes more available. I would encourage anyone that is on the line about it to go ahead and get the shots. I had a minor reaction to both. My son-in-law keeps me advised as to what’s happening with this stuff. Nothing negative is coming from those that took the Phizer vaccine. But he told me to shy way from the Johnson and Johnson. Yes, its only one shot but the effectiveness is only in the 60% range where the Phizer and Moderna are in the 90% range. And those of you that decide it’s not something you want to do, good luck. I really want the best for everyone. I just hope this government we have now doesn’t start discriminating against people that decide not to get it. I am very pro the vaccine but everyone has the right to chose.

OK, enough for now. blog at you again next week.

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