Week Ending 4/3/21

Another busy week…………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

3/28/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Down to do the blog.  Chores and a little lunch.  Exercises, cleaned up and out to the afternoon get together at Gary’s.  Home and computer work on website.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

3/29/21 – Monday – Up a little early, cleaned up and out.  First stop was the accountant’s office to drop off the paper work for the taxes.  Then to pick up some batteries and to physical therapy.  Called Kathy when I was done and she was just around the corner at CVS.  I went up there and we decided to go to Wild Eggs for lunch.  Home and phone calls.  Figured out I need the MRI information to take with me tomorrow so I made a trip to Baptist Hospital in Lagrange.  Back home with the MRI information and took a nap.  Up and chores.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

3/30/21 – Tuesday – Up very early.  Cleaned up and out to my appointment to get the results of my MRI.  Back home and chores.  Out to Hooter’s for lunch and a few stops at some watering holes.  Home and a little nap.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/31/21 – Wednesday – Up early and out to physical therapy.  Home and chores till lunch time.  A nap.  Kathy got up and went grocery shopping.  I got up and worked on Bluegriffon.  Kathy came home and I helped her put things away.  Had dinner and usual evening routine.

4/1/21 – Thursday – Up early, cleaned up and did PT exercises.  Then out for a hair cut.  Back and started cooking.  Made potato soup then cooked up some bacon.  Had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for lunch.  Made Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Casserole for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

4/2/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Did PT and got appointments for next week.  Spent most of the day working on website updates.  Kathy went to have her hair done.  Usual evening routine.

4/3/21 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Did PT and worked on Bluegriffon.  Had lunch and out to do yard work.  In and cleaned up.  Out to Cattleman’s Steakhouse for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Biggest shit show for the week was with the spine doctor’s office. It started Friday when I made a call in the morning. I had gotten a text that my appointment was Tuesday and I needed to bring the results of my MRI. Well the folks at Lagrange Baptist hospital said they would send them. I was trying to get clarification. They have a recording that says if you don’t want to hold leave your phone number and they will call you back without you losing your place in line. So I did as I was planning to be around the house. Around 2:30PM it occurred to me I hadn’t heard anything. So I called back and stayed on the line this time. Of course the idiot that answered the call didn’t have a clue and said she would send a message over to the front desk and someone would call me back. Heard nothing the rest of Friday so I called again Monday morning. I got someone that actually knew what I was talking about. She checked and said they did not have the results and I would have to bring them with me. Since I had no idea how long it would take to get a copy I cancelled my appointment for Tuesday morning. Then called Lagrange Baptist and explained the problem and they told me they would have a copy ready for me at the front desk. I asked how soon and they told me about 20 to 30 minutes. Since it takes that long for me to get there I started out and told Kathy to call the spine doctor back and get my appointment. She was able to do that, I got the MRI results and things were good.

So I get to the spine doctor’s office and was greeted by a rather friendly but stupid person. Then I was escorted back to the exam room by a real asshole. Of course my evaluation of these folks may have been pre-tainted by my experience Friday and Monday. Anyway, we get back to the exam room and the guy that took me back starts asking me a bunch of stupid questions in a very arrogant manner. Then he looks at the MRI disk and says “I’ll take that”. I told him I didn’t think so and he got even more arrogant. Then he realized he wasn’t talking to someone that was easily intimidated and started to back down. He explained that he was going to make a cope of it and give it back to me. I told him he needed to have a better way of asking for things. So he got his copy and disappeared.

Then the nurse practitioner came in. She is a lovely young lady that used to work at Frazier Rehab where Julie worked. I unloaded on her about the things in the previous paragraphs and she indicated she was frustrated as well. It seems they screw up the things the doctors and nurses do just as much as the patients. She said she would definitely bring it to the attention of the office manager as it adversely impacts the credibility of the practice and has lost them patients. She also commented that the young man that brought me back to the exam room would not be there much longer.

Sorry for the long story but it explains some of the frustration I’ve been dealing with this week.

On a lighter note I got the paperwork to the accountant for the taxes. Now just have to await the news. Hopefully we will be getting some back. But I doubt that will be the case next year.

2 weeks of physical therapy down. I like these folks. I have what I think is a very intelligent young lady looking over and managing my case and a very nice young man doing the work with me. In my humble opinion that team is doing a great job. And the facility is very up to date. It has a patient portal that you log into and it tells you what your tasks are for the day. You check them off as you do them and answer questionnairs and everything is fed back to the team that is watching me. They must be doing something correctly as I found it much easier getting down on the floor and getting up yesterday when I was working in the shop.

Tuesday was a screw off day. I had the appointment at the spine doctor’s very early then came home and did some chores. 2 of the 3 Hooter’s in Louisville have shut down for lunch and are only open for dinner. So I tried the one that was open for lunch and wasn’t too impressed. It’s in a very heavy medical care area of town so it’s rather crowded. Don’t think I’ll be going back there for lunch. I’ll be looking for a new place soon.

The recipe site is up and running. If you haven’t heard of it look at my post on it and it will tell you how to log in and post recipes. Of course you are welcome to try them out. I got up Thursday and got my hair cut. Came home and tried a Cheese Potato soup recipe that was posted. Did some bacon and had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for lunch. Then I made Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Casserole for dinner since Kathy was out watching grand kids. Was a busy day but everything tasted good. Kathy and I plan a day in the kitchen this week to make more potato soup and some Don Gazone sandwichs.

Got out to do yard work Saturday. Used the roller on areas the moles churned up. Our grass seed did not take so we rolled that out as well. Then put the mower deck on the tractor. Kathy burned some brush while I used the chipper/Mulcher. Felt good to be outside.

Last but not least I have working through a tutorial on Bluegriffon. It’s a linux program that does website editing and creation similar to Microsoft Frontpage. It’s very complex and I have a lot to learn about it.

Well that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone healthy and safe. I’ll blog at you again next week.

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