Week Ending 4/17/2021

Not an exceptional week……………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

4/11/21 – Sunday – Up a little late this morning.  Down to do the blog then worked on Sendmail.  Up for a late lunch.  Cleaned up and over to Gary’s for the Sunday afternoon get together.  Home and we went to Milano’s for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

4/12/21 – Monday – Up a little early this morning.  Went with Kathy to drop her car off for servicing.  Then off to Physical Therapy.  Back home and took Kathy back to pick up her car.  Had lunch.  Then to see the financial advisor.  Home and dinner.  Usual evening routine.

4/13/21 – Tuesday – Up a little late this morning.  Didn’t sleep well last night.  We were going to do the yard work but it is raining a little so we deferred that.  I did my PT exercises then downstairs for some computer work.  Kathy went shopping at Kohl’s.  She got back around 2PM and the sun was out.  So I grab a quick bite to eat and out to do the yard work.  Finished up about 6PM.  Usual evening routine and of course we ate late.

4/14/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Did chores around the house and fixed up a few things.  Ordered some new boots for riding.  Had lunch and Kathy went shopping.  I did computer work and took a nap.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

4/15/21 – Thursday – Up a little early and out for a haircut.  Home and chores.  Payed bills online and did some ordering.  Lunch and off to Physical Therapy.  Home and a short nap.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

4/16/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Did chores, check the bands (Bad) then put some connectors on coax.  Had lunch then out to do antenna work.  Re-secured the front end fed and took down the 80 meter dipole in the back and replaced it with another end fed.  Ran new coax to the end fed antennas.  Kathy helped me.  Inside and they checked out OK.  Kathy went out for dinner with Julie and Carter.  Mike was taking the girls to the father/daughter dance.  I made myself dinner and the usual evening routine.

4/17/21 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy was off shopping with Julie and Carter.  I played radio awhile.  Chatted with a guy in South Carolina for awhile on Olivia (Digital mode keyboard to keyboard).  Then did some cleaning up of the shack.  Made some lunch for myself and started working on computer problems.  Took a short nap.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.  I did chat with a gentleman up in Concord, NH for awhile.  They got snow this week.

Now the specifics:

Most of this week in my spare time I have been working on my Sendmail problem. I explained a week or so ago that Spectrum has all the IP addresses it assigns logged on the Spamhauser site. That means that any Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) will reject emails from my IP as spam. So the work around it to use an SMTP relay that will take the email from Megexcel and send it on to it’s destination. Bottom line, there are a bunch of things involved that must be configured correctly and I have not accomplished that yet. I hate to do it but I’m afraid I’m going to need some help. I’ll keep you posted.

Friday was the Father/Daughter dance at the school. So Mike took Shelby and Chloe. Not much more to say about this. I think the picture says it all. They went out with some other parents for dinner before the dance then went to the dance. Reports indicate that Shelby had a good time but apparently there was no one Chloe’s age so she didn’t have such a good time.

PT is coming along. I had a new guy helping me this past week. I had mixed emotions about it as he was sorta rude and abrupt sticking his nose in things. But he gave me some really good advice. I modified my daily routine as he suggested and things are working much better. I’ll keep you posted on this as things progress.

Did the yard work Tuesday. Didn’t seem as bad an ordeal as the previous week. I am apparently getting used to it. That and the exercises I think are helping a lot.

I was actually able to get up on the roof on Friday and did some antenna work. I bought a mounting plate for my balun that is on the front antenna but it’s not the correct size. So I just re-laced the balun for it back to the pole it was tied to. Then I disconnected the 80 meter dipole in the back with the coax hanging down in the middle of the yard and mounted my new end fed antenna in it’s place. Moved the old coax back to the CB antenna and ran new low loss coax to the two end fed antennas. Laced that all down on the roof then secured it down the side of the house. Put the new connectors on the new coax and plugged it in. All worked well. I am hearing some stations better on one over the other. I’m not sure they are acutely directional but they do have null lobes that with two you can fill in. I think it will be an overall improvement.

OK, for you ladies I have a cute story. An older friend of mine posted on facebook “For all you younger girls that think we older woman are jealous of you, please enjoy your next 240 periods.”

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of me on the roof this week. I thought about that after the fact. But at the time I was more concerned with getting things done and not falling off the roof.

Another trivial item, Shelby got a guinea pig. Now both Shelby and Chloe have one. Apparently they play well together and it’s all good. I’ll have more to tell you on the pet front next week.

OK, that’s it for this week. Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

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