Week Ending 5/1/21

Ups and downs this week…………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

4/25/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Chores around the house then out to 11AM service at the local Lutheran Church.  Enjoyed it very much.  Home, lunch and Kathy was off to give blood.  I did the blog then over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together.  Julie took Kathy down to Lexington to get her a puppy.  She got home late, almost 7PM.  Down to Hometown Pizza for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

4/26/21 – Monday – A very bad night.  Had pizza late and then to bed.  My stomach and GI system revolted.  Continued through the day.  Hardly had the energy to get out of bed.  Spent the day in bed trying to sleep and get liquids in me.  Not a fun day.  Hope this is over tomorrow.

4/27/21 – Tuesday – Felt 250% better today but still not 100%.  Stayed in the house and did chores.  Ate very bland meals today.

4/28/21 – Wednesday – Feeling a little better.  Out and up to the accountant’s office to pay my bill, sign paperwork and get my taxes filed.  Stopped by Kroger to pick up prescriptions then to my friend Bill’s place to look for a cheap computer.  Found one for $250 and he threw in an extra hard drive.  Got home and put the hard drive in a computer that was failed and it came back to life.  Spent the rest of the day starting to load up the server software.

4/29/21 – Thursday – Up a little early today.  Out to get Gary and we went to get our hair cuts.  Took Gary home and back to the house.  Chloe was not feeling well so she stayed with us today.  I worked on the server.  Had lunch, short nap and out for Physical Therapy.  Home and continued work on the server.  Julie, Mike and the grand kids came over for dinner.  It was late so I did my radio thing and ate afterward.  Did some more work on the server.  Then bed.

4/30/21 – Friday – Up a little early.  Played radio briefly and worked on the server.  Got cleaned up late morning and Kathy and I went to Shelbyville for lunch at Arby’s and some shopping at Lowes.  Home and put things away.  Took a nap.  Up and continued work on the server.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

5/1/21- Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Outside to start the yard work.  Got most of it done by lunch time.  Out for another hour or so after lunch.  Put the trailer on the truck and the yard mower on the trailer.  Inside and cleaned up.  Out and took the truck with trailer and mower up to my son-in-law’s so he could mow his lawn.  His mower is broken.  Had dinner up there.  Brats and burgers on the grill.  Home and put mower and trailer away.  Over to Lowes for hardware to put up the pet gate.  Home and put up the pet gate.  Then usual evening routine.

Now the particulars:

The most exciting thing this week was the arrival of a new puppy. The saga started last week and I wrote about it in the blog so I won’t repeat myself. Anyway, I pressed Kathy for what she wanted for her birthday and the only answer I ever got was “A puppy”. So I talked to Julie and we checked around a few places and Julie found one for a little more the $1000. Relative to other prices we were getting this was reasonable. So, last Sunday after Kathy went to give blood, Julie invited her over and they went down to Lexington to look at the dog. Kathy liked it so I was out the money but more important, Kathy got her dog.

This is Rusty. If you are on facebook I think you know how much Kathy has been enjoying it. Anyway, she is happy now so that’s a plus for me. Still having problems with the house training but things are moving along.

Kathy and the puppy didn’t make it home till late on Sunday and foolishly I agreed to go out to Hometown Pizza for dinner. It was late, I pigged out, came home and had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate shell for dessert then went to bed. Around 2AM I woke up in agony. Abdominal pain, gastric reflux, the works. Things continued through Monday and it wasn’t till Tuesday morning I could do anything constructive. No fever so not something I caught from someone else. Anyway, it’s over and lesson learned.

Last week I talked about putting “Weed and Feed” on the lawn and over seeding. Well my son-in-law corrected me and pointed out that where the grass was dark there was no dandelions. So the dark area was were I used “Weed and Feed” and the light areas is where I missed. So I bought another 100lbs or “Weed and Feed” this week and I”ll put that down this week where I missed last time.

I finally got my boots this week. If that doesn’t sound exciting, read last week’s blog.

Still dealing with server issues. Can’t make up my mind what I want to do. Got an older machine up and running with a hard drive my friend Bill gave me this week. I’m still not sure what I want to do. I guess the next thing is clean up the mess I’ve made in the shack while working on all this stuff.

Got my haircut Thursday and took Gary along. I think his wife was getting tired doing things for him so he tagged along and Faith cleaned him up. They liked the results so I guess even Loretta is planning on going over.

Got the tax paperwork back from the accountant and payed him. He will file them electronically. Getting money back from both the state and federal government. That’s why I gladly pay him.

Mike has been having issues with his zero turn mower. He always shops and gets bids and goes with the lowest bidder. I keep warning him about that but he still does it. Anyway, the mower keeps quitting on him and sometimes won’t start. So he sent it back to the dealer. They didn’t fix the problem and while they had it managed to screw up the blade height. So I toke my mower over yesterday and he did his lawn. He’s suppose to have a conversation with the owner tomorrow. We’ll see how that all plays out.

Other than Chloe being sick a couple days this week and spending one with us there is nothing else exciting happening here. So I’ll ask everyone to stay safe and healthy and sign off for this week.

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