Week Ending 10/02/21

A very full week and lots of pictures……………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

9/26/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Did some chores then got cleaned up and over to spend the day at Churchill Downs.  Had plenty to eat there so skipped dinner.  Usual evening routine.

9/27/21 – Monday – Up a little late.  Out to do yard work.  Finished up around 5PM.  Got my antenna unhooked from the roof tile.  Inside for dinner and usual evening routine.

9/28/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Out and sprayed weeds again in preparation for the mulch on Friday.  Got cleaned up and out to Bob Evan’s for lunch.  Then over to Mike and Julie’s to pick up my trailer.  Got it home and surveyed the damage.  Went over to Harbor Freight and got another chain and a bottle jack.  Came home and worked on straightening the trailer.  Finished up and in the house.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

9/29/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Chores then cleaned up and out on the motorcycle.  Rode the usual route and had lunch at Denny’s in Shepardsville.  Home around 1:30PM.  We took off around 3:30 for some shopping.  Had dinner at Cracker Barrel then home and usual evening routine.

9/30/21 – Thursday – Up a little early this morning.  Out to get Gary for our hair cuts.  Home and tested some tubes.  Lunch then out to work on the pool.  Spent most of the day on that.  Had dinner and still had some work to do after dinner.  Otherwise, the usual evening routine.

10/1/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Out to pick up a load of mulch.  Started mulching things around the house.  Ended up with 4 loads, 2 scoops each for a little over 4 cubic yards of mulch weighing around 3200lbs.  A very strenuous day.  Kathy went out and picked up fish at Moby Dick’s for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

10/2/21 – Saturday – Up a little late today.  Kathy went shopping for the day.  I ran over to Shelbyville and picked up some trailer lights at Harbor Freight.  Home and worked on straightening the trailer some more.  Did everything I could.  Put new tail light on it.  Cleaned up the shop.  Over to Taylorsville to pick up a sandwich and fries at Dairy Queen.  Home and ate (Shared fries with the dogs).  Spent some time with the dogs and doing research.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

The week started on a fun and positive note. The guy that handles Kathy’s money allowed us to use his Jockey Club Suites at Churchill Downs on Sunday. We had many people join us.

The Churchill Downs Group Photo

On the left is Dave and Faith Wood. Faith owns the hair salon that Kathy and I go to. Her husband Dave is retired military and is the one that stained our deck. That is Chloe next. Then Kathy and me. Shelby in front with our sister-in-law Mary behind her. Then our son-in-law Mike to my left. Carter, Julie and Kathy’s brother Terry beside Mike. Then Whitney in front of her mother Angela. Ryan beside Terry in the back and his wife Carolyn. And Angela’s husband Bill on the end. Missing from the picture was another one of Angela and Bill’s children Parker and our friend Dee.

This is the famous entrance to Churchill Downs that you always see on TV during the Derby. Of course there are many more people there during the derby. They only ran 10 races last Sunday and none were of any importance.

This is what the suites looked liked. This is Shelby and Chloe chilling out. You can see what appears to be an ATM machine behind Shelby. That is the machine you can place your bets on. You don’t even need to leave the suite.

And here I am playing it up in the eats room. One of the two suites was set up with drinks and the other with food.

And here is the food layout we had.

And this is the suite with the beverages.

Both suites had balconies that you could walk out on with seats.

Here is just one view from the balcony.

As a bonus it was family day at the track so they had a small petting zoo for the kids and blowup rides and bouncy houses. So everyone had a great time. If your investment broker doesn’t treat you this well, let me know and I’ll pass along the name of our guy.

Then Monday we were back to reality and doing the yard work. Nothing exciting about that. While I was out I noticed that one of my antennas had blown around and got caught under one of the tiles on the roof so I got a pole and fixed that. I need to figure out how to keep that from happening. That’s the second time.

So let me tell you the saga of my trailer. My son-in-law Mike called several weeks ago and wanted to pick up some bags of concrete at Homedepot. To be specific he wanted 25 60lb. bags. I asked him if he realized how much the total weight was on that and I don’t think he did until I asked him. Anyway, I got the specifications out on the truck and the trailer and although either one should have handled most of it, I decided to split it up. We went to Homedepot to get the concrete and they didn’t have what he wanted. So we went to Lowes and all they had was 80lb bags. So he got 19 bags. We took them out to the parking lot and I started putting some in the truck. I only got 2 bags in the truck and he had the rest on the trailer. Needless to say, stacking it two bags across the front of the trailer resulted in a bent trailer. I got it to his house before I realized that it was bent so badly. He wanted me to let it there so he didn’t have to handle the bags twice which was OK. Tuesday we went out shopping and stopped at Mike’s place to pick up the trailer. Got it home and I ran over to Harbor Freight and picked up a bottle jack and another heavy duty chain. I managed to get the major bend out of it and felt comfortable using it so that was it for the day.

Then Friday we hauled mulch for Kathy to put around the house.

Here’s Kathy, rake in hand working the mulch.

We picked up 2 scoops of mulch per trip and then just drove the truck around the house and tried to make it the shortest distance from the trailer to where she wanted the mulch.

This is the finished product. It really did look good when she was done.

On the mulch issue, we made a total of 4 trips to the landscaping place near our house. Picked up two scoops of mulch on each trip. According to various websites, a scoop of mulch is about 1/2 cubic yard and weighs around 400 to 500 pounds. So I’ll let you do the math.

Now, on the issue of my trailer, toward the end of the effort we were obviously getting tired. So, in the back of the house I tried to get the trailer as close to the wall of the area to be mulched as I could. I asked Kathy to watch for me as I couldn’t see the right side of the trailer the way I was backing in. Needless to say, she didn’t warn me and I hit the wall with the trailer. Broke up the right tail light. So, Saturday I went to Harbor Freight and picked up new tail lights. I came home and installed them. Tried to straighten the trailer some more to no avail and cleaned up the shop.

On a lighter note, they came to mow and bail our field next door.

So now it looks like we have a gigantic back yard again.

Wednesday I got out on the motorcycle awhile. Another great ride. Spent over 3 hours out with a stop for lunch.

Thursday we closed the pool. Everything is off the deck and the pool cover is on. Just need to bring the filter and pump into the shop for storage over the winter so it won’t freeze up.

I think I covered everything. As you can tell it was an up and down week. A lot happening. Anyway, that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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