Week Ending 8/27/22

Stayed busy this week after a slow start.

As always, first the chronology:

8/21/22 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy wasn’t feeling well so we blew off church.  Went down to the shack and did some work.  Then did the blog.  Up for lunch.  Back downstairs and worked on my keyer till time to go to Gary’s.  Wasn’t there long as I felt my anxiety level starting to go up.  Home and picked up Kathy and out to Applebee’s for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

8/22/22 – Monday – Up a little late this morning.  Must have forgotten to set the alarm.  Didn’t do much this morning.  Didn’t feel well so went back to bed till lunch time.  Up and lunch.  Downstairs to make some phone calls.  Got some info I needed.  Cleaned up the work bench.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

8/23/22 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and chores around the house.  Kathy was out to take the grand daughter to the orthodontist.  She came home and we had an early snack.  Got cleaned up and out for a 2:30 appointment with the cardiac people.  Up to Lense Crafters and Kathy got a pair of prescription sun glasses.  Then to a new pizza place in J-town for dinner.  Then home and usual evening routine with fresh baked cinnamon rolls for dessert.

8/24/22 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and chores around the house.  Kathy was off to let the maintenance guy in Julie’s condo to look at the washing machine.  I took off on the motorcycle.  Rode over to Preston Highway and had lunch at Hooter’s.  Then hit a couple watering holes.  Back home by 3:30 and put 70 mile on the motorcycle.  Did some computer work while Kathy took a nap.  Lit the barbecue grill around 5 and woke Kathy up.  Had burgers and dogs on the grill with some baked beans for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

8/25/22 – Thursday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and out to pick up Gary for our hair cuts.  Home and lunch.  Kathy and I went to the church and did the weekly cleaning.  Home and cleaned up again.  Then to Feeder’s Supply and Walmart for some shopping.  Then to Jimmy John’s for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

8/26/22 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and over to Gary’s to get him back on the air.  Finished up around lunch time.  Over and picked up Kathy and went to the Cattleman’s lunch special.  Back to the house and picked up the new wireless microphone for  the church.  Went down and installed that.  A stop at Country Mart for some groceries.  Home.  Kathy took a nap, I checked HF bands.  Up for dinner and usual evening routine.

8/27/22 – Saturday – Up a little late this morning.  No one to satisfy so took it easy.  Spent the morning doing chores around the house.  Had lunch.  Wife and dogs decided to take a nap so I joined them.  Up and some research on the computer.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

Now the particulars:

The week started off slow. I’m learning how to take my new medication so it doesn’t make me feel like crap. Had a bad day the beginning of the week but I’m slowly getting that all worked out. And when I feel good, it’s better than I’ve felt for several months.

Tuesday we went to the Heart Rhythm specialist and they liked what they saw. Said everything has seemed to stabilize and I’m doing well. I was a little disappointed as I thought I would get scheduled for the ablasion (SP?) thing and then not have to take pills anymore. I learned that the process is only 70% effective and I would still need to stay on the Eliquist. So, I’m not sure I’m ready to jump into that right now. I will go back in 3 months and will re-address that issue then.

Kathy was up at Julie’s and Mike’s for most of the day Wednesday waiting for someone to come look at the washer in the condo they own. So I took advantage of the free time and took off on the motorcycle. Went for lunch at Hooter’s on Preston Highway, stopped at a few watering holes and headed home. Put about 70 mile on the bike. I’m not sure why I keep going back to Hooter’s. The food is not that great and the eye candy isn’t what it used to be.

Thursday evening we tried a new place here in the area called Jimmy John’s. They are a sub sandwich place something like Subway but much better. We used to have a place in Tyrone when I was growing up called East End Pizza. They made an Italian sub that was to die for. Well the ones you get at Jimmy John’s taste just like them. Delicious. If you have a Jimmy John’s close to you and haven’t tried them, please do. Let me know what you think.

The wireless microphone at the church has been acting up. They asked for my help some time ago to reattach the antenna to the transmitter. It was still making noise. So I got with my friend Ed at Sweetwater and asked for help. Sweetwater is a company in Indiana that sells instruments for professional performances. They identified the problem for me and got me set up with a new wireless system. I checked with the powers to be at the church and found out what they wanted. I ordered it on Thursday, it was delivered Friday and installed. Today at church everyone was pleased with the performance.

Saturday this week I was free of any commitments so I just screwed off for the day. Nothing exciting. Put a new plug on an old set of headphones and practiced some Morse Code. Slept a lot. Nothing more exciting.

Well that’s about it for this week. As always, hope this finds you safe and healthy. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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