Week Ending 10/15/22

Not an exciting week or extremely busy week………………………

As always, first the chronology:

10/9/22 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Chores around the house then cleaned up and to church with Kathy.  Had lunch there then out to take down the Octoberfest tent.  Home and a short nap.  Over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together.  Back and picked up Kathy and over to Cattleman’s for dinner.  Home did the blog and usual evening routine.

10/10/22 – Monday – Up a little late this morning.  Usual morning routine.  Kathy went shopping and I went to the shack to work on the interface for SVXLink.  Kathy came home and we had lunch.  She went out to finish the painting on the outside of the deck and I continued my efforts in the shack.  Stopped for dinner, usual evening routine.

10/11/22 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Spent the day in the shack playing radio and working on Echolink.  Took the motorcycle over to Shelbyville for the HAM club meeting.  Usual evening routine.

10/12/22 – Wednesday – Spent the morning dealing with money issues at the bank.  Usual October thing.  Worked on the SVXLink controller and discovered I was missing a few parts so order them.  Kathy was out early to go take Chloe to school while Julie was taking other kids to doctor’s appointments.  Usual evening routine.

10/13/22 – Thursday – Up a little early today.  Out for my hair cut then down to the Sheriff’s office to pay the property tax on our acquired property.  Home and picked up Kathy and into Kroger for our flu shots.  Then some grocery shopping and lunch at FDKY (a barbecue place).  Stopped at King Donuts for dessert.  Home and had our donuts and coffee.  A short nap then out to clear things off the pool deck and get the pool ready to close tomorrow.  A light dinner and the usual evening routine.

10/14/22 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Out to check on the pool.  It’s sucking a little air but runs fine on the low setting on the pump so we will do that till we get it closed.  In and worked on SVXLink.  Kathy went shopping.  She brought back Jimmy John sandwiches for lunch.  Chores around the house and a short nap.  Up and out to help with HAM testing at the Masonic Lodge in J-town.  Home and usual evening routine.

10/15/22 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Spent the day in the shack working on the assembly of the SVXLink interface.  Nothing else note worth today.

Now the specifics:

We took down the large tent we had up at the church for Octoberfest after the service and lunch last Sunday. I more or less had it all figured out. But we got more people than we needed and they all had different ideas so I just walked away and let them at it. They got the job done which I suppose is the best thing but it was done the hard way.

Spent time this week on HAM events. Had the HAM club meeting in Shelbyville on Tuesday evening then into J-town for HAM testing on Friday evening. Spent a lot of time at home on SVXLink and Echolink. I am very hopeful that I’ll wrap that up this week early and get that monkey off my back.

Thursday was haircut day. It “wasn’t convenient” for Gary to go this Thursday so I just went myself. Hope he wasn’t suggesting I move the appointment. lol

After the hair cut I went in to Taylorsville and paid the property tax on the land we bought after we moved in. Here in Kentucky the Sheriff’s Office collects the taxes. Anyway, I pay that and the house and the property it’s on gets paid out of escrow.

Got our regular Flu shots on Thursday. No problems other than Kathy had a little tenderness in her arm. But no reaction.

Got the deck cleaned off and Kathy is still adding chemicals to the pool. Hopefully we’ll get that closed up and that will be another monkey off my back this week.

That’s about it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

One thought on “Week Ending 10/15/22

  1. You say it wasn’t a busy week but, you always seem to be busy! Sometimes I wonder how we got things accomplished when we had a real job and all the volunteer work we did!


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