Week Ending 11/26/22

A good week, got things accomplished………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

11/20/22 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and off to church.  Kathy stayed home today.  Home and lunch then into J-town to help test with the folks in there.  Home about 3:30.  4:30 went over to Shelbyville and Arby’s for dinner.  Stopped at the bank and Lowes on the way home.  Home and usual evening routine.

11/21/22 – Monday – Up at the usual time.  Bad night last night (Leg Pain).  Kathy had a dermatology appointment and then did some shopping.  I tried to go back to bed but dogs had other plans so I got up and did some research online.  Made some Clam Chowder soup for lunch then out to the Morton building to work on the antenna on the truck.  Put the battery conditioner on the zero turn first.  My friend Patrick stopped over with some stainless steel to make the mount out of and gave me some suggestions.  Then inside and put away summer clothes and hung up winter clothes.  Had dinner and usual evening routine.

11/22/22 – Tuesday – Up a little early this morning.  Had to go pick up Gary and be over to get our hair cuts at 9AM.  Got Gary home then did some things on the computer.  Had lunch.  Kathy took off to get her hair done.  I went to the shop and fabricated a antenna mount for the back of the truck out of stainless steel.  Got that done.  Kathy came home and came over to help me get the  coax dressed up under the truck.  Then out to put up Christmas lights.  Inside for  dinner and usual evening routine.

11/23/22 – Wednesday – Up a little early this morning.  Kathy was getting ready to go take Carter to a doctor’s appointment.  I tried to go back to bed after she left but the dogs only let me sleep for about 1/2 hour.  Got up and did some laundry chores.  Had lunch then out to the shop to finish up work on installing the radio in the truck.  Got things wrapped up and all is well now.  Inside to cleanup.  Kathy came home and we went to Hometown Pizza for dinner.  Helped with some cooking chores and ran the Shelby county net at 9PM.  Otherwise usual evening routine.

11/24/22 – Thursday – Up a little late this morning.  Didn’t sleep well.  Got foot cramps about 5AM this morning.  Took me awhile to get back to sleep.  Kathy had already started the slaving in the kitchen.  I got the impression she was blaming me for making all the work for her.  I offered to help and it was turned down on each request.  So, I got cleaned up and went over and got the truck.  Helped load things in the truck.  Same thing as last year.  She cooks up a storm here just to drag the shit over to Julie’s where it gets cold before we eat it.  Ate about 2:30PM.  They cleaned things up and we left about 4:30PM.  Home and put things away.  Again, I got blamed for everything.  If I said it was white she would prove it was black.  Oh well, Christmas Nazis mode in full swing.

11/25/22 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Slept well last night.  Stripped the bed and helped Kathy start some laundry.  She went off to do some shopping.  I did some chores and research.  She came home and we had lunch.  I went out and put some split loom on the wires in the truck.  Then inside and helped with more Christmas lights and other chores.  A short nap.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

11/26/22 – Saturday – Up a little late this morning.  Chores around the house.  Lunch and Kathy went for a nap.  I went to the shack and did some reading about advantage plans.  Kathy got up and we started cleaning downstairs which hasn’t been done in a long time.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Sunday I skipped going to Gary’s and helped with HAM testing in J-town. They have less and less volunteers to help with testing so I try to fill in whenever I can. And the guys are nice and it’s great getting to see them.

Monday afternoon we did the semi-annual clothes swap. Got the winter clothes down from storage and put the summer clothes up. Not much of an issue for me but Kathy has way more to deal with. So she had much more to swap. Anyway, that’s done till spring.

Gary and I got our hair cuts on Tuesday this week. I told Faith (The gal that cuts our hair) that I get my hair cut on Thursday. But she refused to come in and said Sheldon would just have to get his cut on Tuesday this week.

We got the outside Christmas lights up this week. Did that Tuesday afternoon. It was a trade deal. I would help with the Christmas lights if Kathy would help me with the truck.

Ran the local HAM club net this Wednesday. I have the 4th Wednesday of every month. It’s not a bad job but it does take some work. But I enjoy it. And I think I do a decent job. Perhaps one month I’ll record it so you can be extremely bored for 10 to 15 minutes listening to it. lol

I helped do some of the cooking on Wednesday but Thursday was a bust. Every time I asked if I could help I got turned down. It didn’t hurt my feelings. Anyway, it was like most years. Kathy cooks up a storm here then we load it in the truck and haul it over to Julie’s. By the time things are ready over there, the stuff we brought is cold. But I guess that’s how Thanksgiving is suppose to work.

I put time in working on the truck 4 days this week. The project originally started with putting the antenna for the radio on the left front cowling of the truck. I got a special bracket that fit under the hood hinge bolt. Therefore I didn’t have to drill any holes. That turned into a disaster. I was getting all kind of crap getting from the radio in transmit mode into the audio system in the truck. I did some testing and it was not the radio and the antenna and transmission line were good. So it had to be proximity. So, I put it on the front left side of the bed of the truck. I had to fabricate a bracket, which I did with stainless steel, then mounted the antenna and ran the coax under the truck, up through the engine compartment and into the passenger compartment. I think I did a great job. Almost looks like a professional installation. Anyway, now the radio works as it should and nothing gets into the audio system in the truck.

OK, well that probably more than you wanted to hear this time. So I’ll sign off. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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