Week Ending 3/11/23

Another busy week……………………

As always, first the chronology:

3/5/23 – Sunday – Up at 4:30AM.  Cleaned up and took Todd into the airport and dropped him off.  Back home and in bed till almost lunch time.  Up and had lunch.  Spent the rest of the day just doing odd jobs around the house and doing the blog.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

3/6/23 – Monday – Kathy was up and out early to take Julie to get her colonoscopy.  I had breakfast then did the treadmill for 30 minutes.  Called my friend Jim to see how he’s doing.  He’s have an Aorta repair job done in a couple weeks.  Had lunch then some banking.  Played radio then upstairs for an hour nap.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/7/23 – Tuesday – Up a little early this morning to help Kathy take the dogs to the groomer.  Back home and had breakfast.  Back to bed for a couple hours.  Up in time for lunch.  Then downstairs and took care of administrative stuff then played radio awhile.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

3/8/23 – Wednesday – Up a little late today.  Down and 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Upstairs, cleaned up and lunch.  Out to physical therapy.  Home and a nap.  Out for soup at church then Lenten services.  Home and usual evening routine.

3/9/23 – Thursday – Up a little early today.  Cleaned up and down to get my hair cut.  Home and chatted with Kathy and had lunch.  Kathy and I headed up to the doctor’s office for me to have blood drawn for appointment next week.  Down to the range and picked up a 22 rifle for Carter (if he wants it and he’s not too busy with tennis).  Then to Hobby Lobby for some things to make transfers.  To Walmart for grocery shopping.  Home, put things away.  A short nap, dinner and usual evening routine.

3/10/23 – Friday – Up a little early today and out for Physical Therapy.  Home and a cup of coffee before going out to clean the church.  Down to Lynda’s Grill for a late lunch and a quick stop at the dollar store.  Quick stop at the church to put the mop and bucket away.  Home and a nap.  Up for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

3/11/23 – Saturday – Up a little late today.  Down and did my 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Called my buddy Jim to see how he was doing.  Kathy took the truck up to Julie’s to help her move some things.  I had lunch then  downstairs to play radio.  Took the ups apart and cleaned up behind it a little.  Kathy came home, we had dinner then usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

We did indeed have a great visit with Todd. We took him to the airport Sunday morning. He had a 7AM flight so he had to be there around 6AM. It was an early start but it was all good.

My friend Jim in Central PA is having a Aortic repair done this coming week. He has been walking around with this bump on the Aorta but they wouldn’t do anything till it got over a certain size. Recently it hit that mark so he’s been going through various tests getting ready for the operation. They are going to put some sort of band around the Aorta at the weak spot to repair it. I guess it’s something like fixing a bad radiator hose on your car with duct tape. I couldn’t imagine walking around with that and just waiting till it got big enough to do something about. Anyway, we are concerned and I’m staying in touch with him. We offered to go up but they declined the offer. I think Kathy has a bridal shower to go to early next month so I’ll see him then.

Went to my first Physical Therapy session this week. But first, let me digress a little. When I first needed PT I went to a KORT facility. I went there twice I think and the third time was during COVID. I got the prescription for therapy from the doctor and I was in the area so I stopped by. It was raining and the door was locked. A sign on the door said to call a phone number. When I did I could see the gal inside pick up the phone. I explained I was there to make an appointment for PT. She said she couldn’t let me in unless I had an appointment. The whole thing just pissed me off so I just left. Julie was taking Chloe to therapy at a place called ProRehab. She thought is was good so I went there as well. It was obvious to me in a very short period of time that the therapist did not get along with the techs. So much drama. I finished up there but decided not to go back. A fellow in the HAM club just had his knees replaced (One at a time of course) and appeared to make very quick recovery. So I asked him where he went. He sent me the information and I did some research. The clinical administrator was a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and had some very good reviews as well as a lot of experience. So when I was at pain management I told them that was where I wanted to go. By the way, it’s called Results Physiotherapy. I asked what the difference was between Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy. They explained there is no difference. Results was started by some folks from Australia and that’s what it’s called in Australia. Just an interesting side line. Anyway, I went for my first session on Wednesday afternoon this week. I was having trouble getting my right leg to go up and into the truck when I went over. When she was done I was able to get into the truck with no problem. Beside being a red head and in very good condition, I think she is amazing in what she can do. Of course I got the exercises to do at home and am faithful at doing them. Thursday the wife and I were shopping and I was on my feet a lot so she gave me hell. Said that was too much. On Friday she ordered me to take it easy over the weekend and she would start strength building next week. I’ll keep you posted.

Friday after PT we cleaned the church. But I took it easy. My jobs are running the vacuum cleaner and then doing the moping. I would work for awhile then sit awhile. Again following the instructions I got at PT.

My large UPS was alarming. I thought it was bad batteries. So I moved all the stuff I have on top of it and pulled it out. I disconnected the batteries and pulled them out to get the specifications. I noticed one was running a little hot. I got them up to full charge and put things back together but it looks like I need to order some batteries next week after I get my Social Security check.

Well that’s about all the excitement for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way and I’ll blog at you again next week.

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